A drawing that I did earlier, a commission. I did it on Clip Studio Paint but it looks real, riiiight? I installed the software a few days ago and I am amazed by the brushes it got lol. They got some realistic brushes that I don't see in Photoshop. It's pretty good for illustrations, but it has some animations too. I haven't explored it more yet, it's funny when I spent an hour trying to figure out what brush to use only to end up using the pencil. :D

Anyway I'm too tired and I'll probably look back at the drawing again to see if there's something I could correct. It's a lot better to check with a refreshed eyes than trying to finish it all in one day.

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  • @chekohler

    I would like for you to draw me like one of your french girls

  • @maxwellmarcusart

    It looks like a real pencil work. Superb!👍😲