“Earl Greyhound Tea” Timelapse Video


Just a quick update of the most recent animal illustration. I got the idea from ArtPrompt (a great resource for creative block). My process hasn’t, changed much. I make the original rough sketches using pencil and paper, fine tune the sketch using my iPad and Procreate, print a very low opacity sketch, ink by hand, then scan the image and color digitally using Procreate.

I’m trying to get all this ready for a little workshop I’ve volunteered to do in a few months. I’ve never done one before, so I’m kinda nervous that I’m going to look like an idiotic weirdo. There’s still time to pull something together, though.

As always, thanks for checking out my work!


I love feedback, so if you have any questions, ideas, or requests, leave a comment below.
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  • @veryspider

    So wonderful! I love this very much, @hglucky13 :D The lean and slender limbs really captured the 'refined' vibes of this character well <3 Gorgeous lineart and I love how you colour this too, understated style, very lovely <3

    I added you at Twitter, btw :D :D :D HOORAY hooray~

    Do you discord at all, @hglucky13?