The start of my jazz journey. Black Orpheus.

I've always dreamed of playing jazz. But I did not have knowledge in sound and harmony. I did not know how to play jazz and what jazz is. I got lucky. The Universe gave me a wonderful friend saxafonist who taught me everything. He told and showed me what jazz is. Recently, I came to the fact that I gained the skill of improvisation. My improvisation is not so strong so far, but I already have this skill. Now I am starting my jazz journey. I go back to the roots of jazz and learn the standards. I decided to start my journey with my favorite tune Black Orpheus. I also really love Autumn Leaves. I will definitely play this tune. I learned the melody of the standard and am sharing it with you. I will talk about what I learn about jazz, share some discoveries with you. Stay in touch)!/v/gulia.peito/mokwiiqo4a5

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  • @contrabourdon

    Loved it!

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  • @luxley

    Best of luck bro! Jazz is one of my fav genres!

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  • @andrewmarkmusic

    Nicely done! About your backing tracks...Is it 'band in a box?'