Current version info

Currently I'm running latest, publicly available, tagged release, v0.22.1 with an exception of STEEM_BLOCKCHAIN_VERSION value, as a sign of protest.

diff --git a/libraries/protocol/include/steem/protocol/config.hpp b/libraries/protocol/include/steem/protocol/config.hpp
index 5ad76e3e..5bc6f935 100644
--- a/libraries/protocol/include/steem/protocol/config.hpp
+++ b/libraries/protocol/include/steem/protocol/config.hpp
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
-#define STEEM_BLOCKCHAIN_VERSION              ( version(0, 22, 1) )
+#define STEEM_BLOCKCHAIN_VERSION              ( version(0, 22, 4444) )
 #define STEEM_INIT_PUBLIC_KEY_STR             "STM8GC13uCZbP44HzMLV6zPZGwVQ8Nt4Kji8PapsPiNq1BK153XTX"
 #define STEEM_CHAIN_ID fc::sha256()

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  • @ravenkim

    @tipu curate

  • @bob77

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  • @chesatochi

    I believe in the current state a chain split is something imminent. I will remain with the classic one.

  • @witnessnews

    This post has been resteemed by @witnessnews.

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  • @apsu

    Most of us knew this could happen, but often things turn out better than expected. Not today, though.

    Not sure if I'm overreacting to the fact that you're running an "old" release version as I'm feeling so glum. ;)

  • @nathen007

    Thanks for not shutting your witness node down. I think that the current wave of Witnesses shutting down their nodes and Apps is kind of understandable but is hurting the smaller users and doesn't really serve a useful purpose in my eyes. Still a bloody rotten day and seriously shitty trick thought.

    Are these new 'witnesses' actually all running independent nodes or is it one person with a server farm thats simply taken over?

  • @notconvinced

    We need to decentralize the chain by removing the bottlenecks. This means the Oligarchy must not remain.

    Get rid of the witness hierarchy and weighted stake for governance voting. All who runs a node should have equal chance to validate blocks not just a select few.

  • @sircork

    Should have made it (0, 22, 404)

  • @noganoo

    You are a scammy piece of shit. @GTG and you are going THE FUCK DOWN!

  • @theguruasia

    @gtg, I strongly disagree to join the Justin's shit! So chain split will be the best option and we remain with STEEM CLASSIC! $trdo


  • @pwny

    I guess we'll need some !popcorn

  • @ubg

    trustin justin

  • @brianphobos

    @gtg Please consider running my Semi Flaccid Hard Fork v0.22.3 (Basement Dweller Revenge) 🤓 that I launched 6 days ago.


  • @tabris

    If this version is based on v0.22.1, isn't it basically the same version with v0.22.5 as well? I don't get how it is a "sign of protest"?

  • @afrog

    Thanks for your protest. Never store the Chinese bigmouth's shit to your server @gtg. Pay attention! Don't follow this devil!!!!

  • @phusionphil

    Holding my breath waiting for the Town Hall

  • @freiheit50

    I hope I will see you again in the top 20 soon. I'm supporting you via proxy @forum.orcinorum

    Steem on, mate!


  • @investinthefutur

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  • @chireerocks

    @gtg, I want to appreciate your Stand. It's really difficult to stand strong when Wave Of Unknown and Path Of Uncertainty is standing against Steem Blockchain. Stay blessed.

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