The Jon Jones championship controversy (SPOILERS)

If you are the type of person that waits to stream a fight after it has already happened you should TURN BACK NOW because there are complete fight spoilers just below this next image.

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So the controversy sounds pretty familiar because there is always a chance of this happening (some would say it is likely) any time that a belt is decided by the scorecards in the hands of the judges instead of a submission or KO.

Jones ended up retaining the belt on the scorecards but when it was announced a lot of the crowd was booing the decision and a lot of Tweets started happening accusing the judges of being biased and that the fight was rigged.

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While it can definitely be stated that one of the judges definitely had his head up his ass when he awarded all of the rounds but one to Jones, I feel as though there is no denying that Jones did NOT deserve to have his belt taken away even though Reyes did very well in this fight.

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The reason being that although Jones did get hit with some powerful shots especially in the first 2.5 rounds, aside from one exchange that Reyes failed to capitalize on that Reyes never had control of the fight. The constant back-peddling on the part of the challenger didn't really make it feel as though he deserved to have the belt.

It is important to remember that "octagon control" is one of the factors used to determine a winner and Jones had 90% of that, even in the rounds that could be said that he lost.

Although it isn't an official rule, I believe that any champion goes into a match with an advantage simply by being the champ. You have to defeat them convincingly for the belt to change hands by this method.... and I just don't think there was anything terribly "convincing" about the Reyes performance.

Jones is likely held to a different standard because he is usually so dominant in his fights and that really isn't what happened today. Dominick Reyes was an extremely worthy opponent.

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When the decision was read aloud, Reyes was obviously disappointed but I truly believe it was the correct decision on all the judges parts other than the one judge who awarded 49-46 to Jones.

There is no controversy here. The challenger simply didn't control enough of the fight to get the gold, and that's that. Joe Rogan had accused one judge of not even watching an earlier fight between Lauren Murphy and Andrea Lee. I wonder if that was the same judge who ruled it 49-46.

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  • @worldcapture

    Well I can't agree with the 4-1 from the judges to be honest. I think the first 2 rounds were clearly the ones of Reyes and the 3 was a closed decision.

    Jones played it very smart in my eyes and it was very visible that he was the guy with a lot more experience on the 5 round fights.

    Anyway, I've enjoyed watching it and think Reyes has a great future ahead. Lot's of talent!

  • @stackin

    What a great fight... Reyes has the fight but gassed out in the 4th and 5th. Jones won in my eyes... rematch perhaps 😀

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  • @deadspace

    I don't really follow UFC or MMA. I was in a group voice chat with two friends who do pop a spicy boner for fighting. They brought up some issues like that none of the three judges have any previous experience judging for MMA, as they only have experience with boxing matches. And, apparently there are photos going around of one of the judges watching a cam girl do magic tricks by squirting gallons into the camera browsing on his phone while the fight was happening. So, they were pretty angry and tweaking their nipples over the decision.

    So, in conclusion, I believe that the slapping competition hosted in Russia is a far superior sport and this MMA shit is for virgins and Twitch chat moderators.

  • @carlgnash

    I dunno, I disagree - UFC scoring is not on the fight as a whole, but round by round. Saying that Jon had octagon control for 90% of the time even in the rounds he lost is totally pointless. I thought he lost the first three rounds, pretty convincingly. It would be hard to make a valid argument that he won any of the first three rounds - not just that Jon got outstruck in all three of those rounds (which he did by count of strikes in each of the first three rounds), but that Reyes had by far the most impactful strikes in each of those rounds as well. Probably the best thing Jon had going for him was his rock solid chin - he didn't even react to strikes that on replay you could see landed totally flush. Some of the judges might not have even thought some of Reyes strikes landed cleanly just based on how little Jon reacted.

    Jon won the last two rounds but IMO that should have been 3 rounds to 2 for Reyes.

  • @belemo

    Well considering I'm not exactly a fan of MMA and only have interest in the sport because of that fat guy, I don't mind spoilers. Going through the comments, I noticed there's some issues with the scoring and I have to ask, do the judges get playback monitors in front of them or do they just judge with what their eyes see?

  • @rentmoney

    Octagon control is great to have but it shouldn't win you a fight. Jones lost the first three rounds. Reyes outstruck and outlanded him plus was landing the cleaner, harder shots. Octagon control is the only thing Reyes lost at.

    You have to defeat them convincingly for the belt to change hands

    I believe this is a false narative that gets pushed because it has been used in boxing so many times. A champianship fight is like any other, if it goes the distance winning 3/5 rounds should get you the victory unless your oppenent scored some 10/8 rounds.

    Deciding who won each fight is easy. Look at each round seperatly and decide who won each round. The fighter with the most round won is the winner. In a nutshell that is how MMA is scored. Reyes won at least 3 rounds and should of been declaired the winner.

  • @cryptoandcoffee

    A contender has to earn the title and landing some good shots doesn't necessarily means he gets awarded the fight. I watched a fight the other day where the contender didn't even advance but was on the retreat the whole fight yet he still won on points. The intent wasn't there for my liking and in my book shouldn't be awarded the fight as you need to take the title away. Most judges have an agenda these days and possibly in the promoters pockets.

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  • @bozz

    In sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts where there is a long history of fighters, officials, and judges being on the take, it is still surprising that you see such glaring inconsistencies in the judging. I always hated it when you saw a fight that definitely went one way, but the judges declared a different victor. It was always a bit beyond comprehension to me.