The first music purchase in my life (I'd like to know yours as well)

I had a job for as long as i have memories of being alive, really. I know that we all can recollect pieces of being really young but I don't really remember all of my life from day-to-day until i was a bit beyond 1st or 2nd grade.

When i was doing paper routes or mowing lawns as a young kid I think that mostly my primary objective was to make money in order to always have money for candy (times were pretty innocent in the early 80's and Minecraft didn't exist.)

But there was another love that would come along that I think infected all of us during our lives and for me and many other people it was music.

I don't know if you can say the same and if you were always alive in the digital age I don't know if this will apply to you but I remember the very first album that i selected and purchased with my own money that I earned from waking up at bullshit o'clock and delivering newspapers to houses.

Blackout.jpeg source

My motivation to buy this album was driven by the fact that the record store named "Pickles" was right next door to what I believe was the S&P stamp shop that was in the same mini mall and while I am sure the presence of me and my brother and sisters (all were very young) probably simply annoyed the store clerk at the time, I ended up buying this cassette by the time I left (with permission from my mother of course.)

I'm not sure what motivated my decision but this would end up kind of defining my life musically from that point forward.. It might have been the cover art with the in-turned forks into the eyes but mostly I think it was the fact that we listened to the radio a lot in my house and there was a song on this album that really appealed to me (and I presume a lot of other people) at the time. From the official Scorpions channel

There is a lot more to this story than just digging the Scorpions song because they went on to become (and already were) one of the most famous acts out of Germany of all time. My little 8/9-year old mind likely only had a very small idea of where Germany actually was at the time when the other side of Nebraska seemed so incredibly distant.

However, the driving metal riffs in this appealed to me to such a dramatic degree that this is a notion that stuck with me until today where I listen to stuff much much harder than Scorpions and I presume it will remain that way for the remainder of my time on this planet. source

The music i prefer now makes Scorpions look like NSYNC in comparison but in my mind, there is no denying that the connection that was made on that day in Pickles Record Store has stuck with me 30 some-odd years later.

The cassette likely cost me $3 or $4 but honestly i don't remember (it was a really long time ago.) There were no fold outs of any sort and it is the ONLY cassette from my youth that I still have. I am not even sure if it works because I don't even know anyone that has a cassette player (I don't even own a CD player anymore.) However, it was a momentous day and we all have a day similar to my own

I am a metal fan forevermore.... of this much i am sure.... and while Scorpions are extremely tame compared to what I listen to now, this first purchase was instrumental in defining the type of music that I would end up enjoying to this very day.

What was the first music you ever purchased? It doesn't have to be a cassette because we are all different ages. I am just curious to know if the first songs that you ever purchased (with your own money that you earned) ended up influencing what you listened to throughout the rest of your life.

Like most people I ended up spending thousands of dollars on albums: at one point i had a 200 CD flip book that contained an absolutely massive collection of mostly metal. We all had a starting point though and I am curious if any of you can remember the very first album that you ever purchased and even moreso.... if it ended up influencing your musical preference into the future in a similar fashion to my own.

Before anyone decides to bag on Scorpions know that Guns N Roses, Metallica, Megadeth, and even Spinal Tap feel as though the German band were major influences on their careers

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  • @rozku

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  • @loreman

    You say no cassette so the first cd that i bought was "Nightfall in the Middle-Earth" by Blindguardian, another great german group if you like also fantasy topic metal. I love Scorpions anyway .

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  • @cryptoandcoffee

    Now you have me stumped as It was nearly 40 years ago for me and have no clue. I remember when CD's came out and started re purchasing my entire collection again. It could have been ZZ Top, but not 100 percent sure. I am not one to have just one type of music, but anything that has a good beat. My ears aren't the best so lyrics aren't that important to me.

  • @thekitchenfairy

    These! I got these series (not compelete sadly) as my 1st cassettes it was in the 80s and early 90s. I have always loved rock bands 😁


    I also remember this Indonesian singer (she is famous internationally now, esp in Europe). This was the ONLY Indonesian cassette I ever bought. Whatever I got after, wouod have been recorded from the radio🤣


    And then obviously my favorite band ever, Radiohead


    Those cassettes above I got with my own $$$$, mostly from lunch money and piggy bank. Needless to say, so many hungry days at school, but happy tears 🤣

    They were about $ 1-2 back then

    What a memory 🤣 Thanks for posting this!

  • @pinoy.viajero

    Oh my! I remember scorpions, creed and metallica. 😍

    The first album I bought I think was "Jars of Clay" and "Bury the Hachet"

  • @deadspace

    Shit. I feel like a boomer right now, I can't fucking remember what the first CD I ever got was. The closest I can remember is getting a Mudvayne CD when I was trying to get into Nu-metal and then realizing I wasn't a fan.

  • @zekepickleman

    Yes!! Scorpions as your first purchase is classic!

    I think about this from time to time as well. The first cassette I ever bought was through my mom and her Columbia House club. It was Quiet Riot - Metal Health. I remember that so well as it is an awesome album, and really kicked ass when I was young. Says a lot about my humble beginnings as a lifelong metal fan.

    I remember my first CD purchase as well. CDs had just come out and were so great with the clear digital sound and no need to fast forward of flip the tape over! Ironically enough, it wasn’t metal. It was actually Inxs - Kick. Great songs and a great album I haven’t thought of in so long.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane my friend. We are both similar origins of metal fans.

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  • @onthewayout

    The first music I bought was a single from John Lennon, I think it was (Just Like) Starting Over. It was a 45 rpm vinyl record. Or it might have been Woman from the same album...I really can't remember.

  • @bozz

    I think the Scorpions are awesome. I always forget how many great songs they had. I think my first album I ever bought was probably some obscure contemporary Christian artist like Carmen or Petra. Beyond that I think my first secular cassette was either the Top Gun Soundtrack or Huey Lewis and the News (Sport or Fore). I remember joining the BMG music club and having my CD collection expand about twenty fold within the matter of a couple of months! That dang shipping was just so expensive though...

  • @ddrfr33k

    I think my first was Middle of Nowhere by Hanson. I think...

  • @hockney

    Good call, starting with the Scorpions! I remember buying some singles when I was a kid - 'Nights in White Satin' is probably the oldest I still own. I remember bartering a toy for some single when I was 5 years old - can't remember the details but the song wasn't in English. First album was ELO - Discovery. In Martins the Newsagent in the pedestrianised square in Camberley. Damn that's a good album!

  • @dr-frankenstein

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  • @vannfrik

    Bought this in casette when i was only 6 years old! still a goldie

  • @modernzorker

    I'm not 100% certain, but I'm reasonably sure the very first album I purchased with my own money (hail, paper route brother!) was the soundtrack to the animated Transformers: The Movie on cassette. It wasn't the first cassette I owned, because I'd received tapes as gifts for years, but I'm pretty sure that's the first album I deliberately saved up money to buy. It's been thirty-some years since then though, so I could be wrong. Other potentials are AC/DC's The Razor's Edge (although I'm almost positive this was a birthday or Christmas gift), the Scorpions' Best of Rockers 'n Ballads, and Neil Diamond's Twelve Greatest Hits.

    Don't judge. ;)

  • @borran

    Scorpions Blackout album is a great record! One of their best! :)

  • @taliakerch

    a great choice! they are real legends are real veterans of world music. I am not a big fan on them, but still respect those who were creators of music trends. As for me, I can say about music purchase when I agreed to buy rather expensive tickets and go to another city (8 hours of road) to the concert. It was hell for me before the concert started. I was angry and mad about everything. Why am I here, when will it be finished etc... but when I heard this music and voice skills of the singer, I was impressed so much that now it's my favourite one;) and God, lyrics are so deep, so touching, every song is a story with morality and a life lesson. Just perfect. he is 60+ now, but he is still perfect.

    my best music purchase;)

  • @nuthman

    lol! Our first tapes couldn't be more different. 3 of my favorite songs when I was around 8 were "Friends", "Freaks Come Out At Night" and "Big Mouth". So my first tape was Escape, by Whodini:


    I remember people thought I was weird because I had the audacity to love rock and rap at the same time. And pop as well. I was never much of a music snob like some of the other kids.

    Whodini was definitely my favorite as a little kid though. I think I got into them because my sister used to run around the house 'rapping' their songs all day and I looked up to her, even though she treated me like crap most of the time. But that's how it is when you're siblings, I guess.

  • @kingscrown

    my first purchase was i think Outkast - ATLiens

  • @djlethalskillz

    Awesome story shared here and I can relate to it given I grew up with a deep passion for music and later became and DJ and Music Producer. My music digging started with the era of vinyls and cassette tapes but as I remember the first CD I purchased was 'The Low-End Theory' by a Tribe Called Quest and 'Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde' Pharcyde can't deny that as a kid growing I used to love classic rock and heavy metal and grunge music, music was so much better back then and meant something, with that said lots of great music out there today but lots of filtering needs to be done that's for sure.

    Once again thank u for the post and bringing up good memories :) Kudos!

    Here's some !trdo

    !giphy music

  • @sketch.and.jam

    My first cassette tape was a strange soundgarden/pearl jam collab called temple of the dog. I was a poor kid then and it was on sale so i took a chance on it.

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  • @djlethalskillz

    Given u love rock music, heres a new production I released called 'New Life' that bridges Rock and Hiphop genres and would like to share with your ears. Would def love to hear your feedback on it, happy listening & kudos!

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