The Boys (TV show): almost a great series but not quite

I had a look at this series very early on and only recently finished season one. I was a lot more enthusiastic about it when i first jumped in than I am after the conclusion.

There are almost certain SPOILERS ahead so yeah, turn back if you haven't already seen it

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So the idea behind this entire franchise was for Amazon to have a sort of flagship original show based on super-heroes. I initially enjoyed the way that they approached the entire super-hero thing from an avenue of focusing on super-heroes for people that are tired of hearing about super-heroes. In a way it was very similar to Hancock in the way that they presented them as many times being reluctant in their powers and not really wanting to be what they are.

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We are introduced to a group called "The Seven" who are (you guessed it!) 7 superheroes that are charged with keeping the peace of the United States. The interesting aspect of this entire presentation is that it is quickly revealed that although they do have superpowers they are actually being controlled by corporate interests that dictate their every move. The company that controls them is lead by one of my favorite 80's hotties Elisabeth Shue.

LIOMSRFKNAI6TD3PXDGH3KFJ5M.jpg source love or hate the show, Elisabeth has held on to her youth in a superhero type fashion

The show carries on as you would expect and at least to me it takes a bit too long to get to the point of the entire 1st season, which is that the corporation actually doesn't have the country's or world's best interest in mind and they are only after profits (shocking!)

The problem I have with this show is that the episodes quickly become a bit mundane because once we know who the true baddies are it really isn't terribly shocking when the other pieces fall into place. It is, like a lot of American shows, incredibly predictable.

This is not to suggest that it isn't a good show, because it still is; but anytime there is an entire episode where you can successfully determine almost exactly what is going to happen by the end, i think that the writing isn't really top drawer. Specifically I am referring the the relationship that develops between a superhero female named "Starlight" and her non-superhero boyfriend who just happens to be a member of the "resistance" or whatever they are meant to be. Basically, it gets pretty boring. From the APV official channel

Overall this show is better than average, but to suggest that it is gripping and really keeps you wanting for more would be a lie. It starts to seem like the show "Heroes" after a while but just for slightly different reasons. The love-interest relationships that they introduce are meant to be endearing but mostly they just end up being a bit bothersome and counterproductive to the story development.

It would have been a lot better in my opinion, if they had just focused on the internal struggles of the superhero structure and, I dunno, left the incredibly obviously relationship struggles out of it.

The good news is that the acting is pretty good but for the most part, even for a superhero movie, the story kind of falls apart after around episode 4 where then it starts to appear as though they were just talking about "whatever it would take to fill another 4 episodes or so."

I hope they can do better in season 2 because season 1 started out so incredibly strong and then just kind of fell apart in the last 3 episodes.

It has been signed on for a 2nd season which is meant to premiere in early 2020. I'll watch it, but will be very apprehensive to continue doing so unless they can do something about the very dull direction that the plot appears to be heading towards.

if this review seems vague it is only because I was trying to spoil as little as possible

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  • @lordbutterfly

    Id say i dont agree. :) The final episode was quite amazing imo. The double twist i didnt really expect and the realization that the most powerful "superhero" no longer has anyone to ground him is a scary thought. Its probably one of my favorite series of the year if not my favorite.

  • @galenkp

    I watched about 3 minutes of a show out of the UK called Bromans. I think you'd hate it, but could be interesting to see a review on it. (It was terrible.)

  • @nuthman

    We actually enjoyed this one, mostly because we are getting really fed up with the annoying CW shows (arrow, flash, supergirl etc). If you don't know what I mean, I'm referring to the constant shoving of political and social justice values down my throat. I don't need that crap from a superhero show - I get enough in real life.

    So for me, just being different was interesting enough. Although:

    It would have been a lot better in my opinion, if they had just focused on the internal struggles of the superhero structure and, I dunno, left the incredibly obviously relationship struggles out of it.

    Yeah, I totally agree on this. But this is a complaint that I have about a lot of shows. Sometimes I feel like shows feel obligated to have this stuff, but honestly you don't need it with shows like this.

  • @bozz

    I added this to my queue, but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. I kind of like the idea of it. It was the Watchmen that really introduced me to the possibility of super heroes having personal struggles and imperfections. That is kind of what drew me to this after I read the synopsis. Plus I like the guy that plays Bones in the new Star Trek's, so there is that :)