New on Netflix: Locke & Key

I had high hopes for this series because it has a supernatural appeal to it and seems to be in a similar genre as Stranger Things but more PG-13. It started strong and quickly devolved because of a slow-moving story and some seriously irritating characters.

As always I try to keep this spoiler-free but if you want to go in blind, it is best to just skip this

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I will admit that I did not watch all 10 episodes because I found them pretty difficult to endure because of the actors. I realize that this might be specific to me but I generally do not care for child actors and Jackson Robert Scott who plays the youngest member of the Locke family ticks all the boxes for "irritating child actor" in my book.

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I feel a little bit bad saying this because he is just a kid but his portrayal of Bode (pronounced Bo-dee) is one of a shrill voice, over-acting, and where he shouts almost all of his dialogue. Connor Jessup and Emilia Jones, who play his older siblings Tyler and Kinsie aren't much better but to be fair to the real-life actors, this probably isn't their fault. They play the roles of typical moody, i-hate-everything teenagers who are never satisfied with anything and treat even wonderful occurrences such as moving into a massive and enchanting house as a pain in the ass and in turn they try to make everyone else around them miserable as well.

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Basically, after moving into this house they discover some keys that give them special powers and I wont get into what these powers are for the sake of not spoiling the series for anyone who enjoys this sort of thing.

I will admit that I am biased because this film likely was not made for my demographic and it appears to be geared more towards teens or maybe even young adults.

bijghouvetzxadkksbbu.jpg source I can hear his screechy voice and loud dialogue just by looking at this picture

The special effects leave something to be desired as well. It appears as if they almost had the budget necessary to pull off a lot of what happens in the "magic" scenes.

It is marketed as being scary, but it is anything but. There are a few startling moments but mostly this is an extremely "family friendly" production. It appears at times as though it is going to take some sort of frightening turn such as The Haunting of Hill House (which would make sense since one of the producers of HHH also did this) but it never really does so. From the official Netflix channel

To fans of the comic series this might be worth watching but for me, I didn't even know there was one so that aspect of it has no effect on me. I found it quite boring and can't really recommend it to anyone over the age of 14. Watch an episode and argue with me about it if you wish!

My overall rating!


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  • @belemo

    Child actors/movies were fun when I was one of hem but ever since I got older, I became too logical and just saw everything as absurd. It even gets more annoying when the movie producers try to make it seem more "realistic". I couldn't stand Stranger things and after three episodes, I coukd see why it got so hyped but it wasn't just me.

    I say the problem isn't the movie, it's probably you. Although I some cases, like hurricane heist it's probably the movie's fault.

  • @cryptoandcoffee

    Not for me either as it sounds like pure crap. I have been trying to watch a few things lately and tend to fall asleep through most of them telling me it is not very good. Watched Midway the other day and was better than expected as historically they included most of the factual elements.

  • @bozz

    Thanks for reviewing this. I am probably going to skip it. I saw it come across my feed when I was going into Netflix the other day and I meant to dig in and find some more info about it, but then I forgot . The one thing I couldn't see right away was whether or not it was a kids show or something else. I know it probably sounds horrible, but most of the time if a show on Netflix doesn't have the MA rating then I pretty much skip it with a few exceptions. Part of me wondered if this was going to be more of a kids show than something that would actually hold my attention. The plot sounds like it could have some potential. I didn't really care for Connor Jessup in Falling Skies, so no loss anyway I guess.

  • @bdmillergallery

    Oh good! and to think I was just about to watch this I'll take your word for it. Sometimes I get suckered into stuff like this when I am with my nieces or nephews.. But even they like a little less Disney like production.

    Have a great weekend!!

  • @wiseagent

    Judging by the trailer (and your review)... It looks pretty forgettable.

  • @deadspace

    Netflix really does put out a lot of stinky ass TV shows, huh? For every Haunting of Hill House quality show we get, like, 20 other shows that are either mediocre as fuck or just straight dog shit piles on fire are put out. I guess for them horrible content is still content for users to consume, but god damn.

  • @janton

    Very interesting sir gooddream, I was wondering if this one was any good, great job on the review!