How was your Superbowl party?

Mine started at stupid-o'clock in the morning out of necessity but the alternative was to avoid all social media and watch it later. The good fun was that I was on various messaging programs talking to all of my family members who were all there for the same reason: The Kansas City Chiefs.


To be fair i was NOT there at 615am but arrived at a far more reasonable hour of 7am and immediately ordered a double vodka with cranberry to quell the headache I had from the night before (which will be a bigger hangover tomorrow, no doubt.)

We had a decent crowd and not everyone was even American


I don't even know if they are allowed to sell booze this time of day but perhaps certain exceptions are made for holidays like the super-bowl. For us, everyone, despite the really inappropriate hour, was getting tanked.


I have to admit that things got a bit scary for KC fans in the 4th quarter, especially after the Chiefs threw a second interception. In my mind, and really everyone else in attendance (and perhaps the world) the game seemed like it was over.

But then the KC squad did something amazing and scored 21 unanswered points in one quarter after doing very little for the rest of the entire game. We were all on cloud 9 (well, except for the one guy that was a 49'ers fan in attendance)

SuperBowl2020Score.jpg source

That 4th quarter might be one of the most exciting quarters that American football has ever seen in the SuperBowl. Up to that point I thought the game was relatively uneventful. It was seriously a highlight to my day and I was sending messages back to my relatives in Kansas during the whole thing. It was truly worth waking up for.

Of course now I am drunk and I already signed up for a 7km running race this afternoon and I WILL fulfill my duty as far as that is concerned.

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  • @doitvoluntarily

    watching games like that in bars during big events can be a really fun experience, I remember during the World Cup I made some amazing memories that I will never forget! 👍how did the race go??😂

  • @captainquack22

    Lol, hell yeah, get that race in. Ive never done a race like that, not sure id make it to the end in my current shape. Just havent trained in cardio that much. I worked during superbowl and didnt get drunk tho, kinda sucks. Heard were a bunch of commercials that were politically woke.

  • @flaws

    Well, American football has always seemed like a very interesting sport to me, but here in Venezuela that kind of event doesn't happen in bars when it comes to sports (at least not where I live). It would be too cool to read posters inviting you to watch an important game of some sport with friends or even with the family, it really looks great. Although that sport is not very well known in this part of the world haha (or at least doesn't attract attention), here we love only basketball, soccer, and especially baseball.

  • @bozz

    Haha, stupid me. I usually stay up and watch the first half and then go to bed after halftime. If they started the game earlier in the day that probably wouldn't be the case. I knew I was going to have to get up at 4am to exercise though, so I wanted to make sure I got my rest. I am glad that KC won. I had Mahomes as my fantasy quarterback last year and he did some really great things for me. The come from behind win is not that surprising. I think they did that in another game this year too. They have an impressively explosive offense.

  • @cryptoandsports

    As long as you have fruit juice it really isn't a drink I suppose. I could not drink a beer that early mind you. Glad you enjoyed yourself and now you can sweat the alcohol out this afternoon. You will be knackered tonight though unless you get a second wind and decide to go out.

  • @praditya

    That is quite a nice idea of getting together and watching sports together, which should always be appreciated. anyways that's cool you arrived at 7 and not so early at 6:15 , like why so early though Keep flourishing.

  • @g7terra

    Amazing experience i bet... One day I'll make it... or maybe never... nothing is promised. UPVOTED!!!

  • @bdmillergallery

    Guessing your still in bed?? Not many times, but I have taken part in morning drinking.. not much any more. A run on top of it!?! your a crazy one. We spent the game at a friends house down the street. Plenty of food and drinks.. plenty of heartburn later on. Didn't sleep well because of it. When will I learn my lesson?. Living in Eagles territory and growing up a Philly fan, I was hopping Andy would get this win. What a 4th quarter for sure! Did you catch the half time show? Didn't see anything on that.. haha.