Horse Girl (film): It's not going to appeal to everyone, but refreshing cinema regardless

One of the things that gets on my nerves about films in general is that there seems to be this cookie-cutter process that ends up making almost all films (especially the ones in America) seem like they are all the same.

The most extreme examples would be romantic comedies and of course, the usual process associated with superhero films. When I saw that Netflix relesed a movie starring Alison Brie and Molly Shannon I figured i was in for a silly comedy where Shannon occasionally tries to gross us out. Was I ever wrong..

I have been intentionally vague in this write-up in order to avoid spoilers

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Classified as a drama, this film has zero comedy elements in it at all and functions more like a psychological thriller. Not many actors or actresses can do the crossover between comedy to drama, and I was impressed with everyone in the film, especially Brie and Shannon.

Alison Brie plays the role of Sarah who is a socially awkward individual with very little in the way of friends. Her far more popular and attractive room-mate attempts to get her involved in more normal activities including dating a friend of hers, who she ends up genuinely having a connection with.

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Sarah has a lot of issues: She sleepwalks, she loses track of time and suddenly finds herself in other parts of town with no idea how it is that she got there. She is paranoid about what her few friends and co-workers perceive to be crazy things and therefore no one believes her.

Certain things "happen" to her and we, as the audience are left to our own devices to determine if these things are actually happening or if it is all in Sarah's mind.

ezgif38568fe6399e6.jpg source Molly Shannon does a surprisingly good job in a serious role
This is the aspect of the film that I enjoy the most. Far too often in American films, the entire plot is laid out and explained that leaves nothing to the imagination, nothing to contemplate, no loose ends and this eventually results in most films being mindless and predictable.

Horse girl does not follow the path that you think it is going to and that is what makes it so great. Even once the film is over we are left to our own devices as to what actually happened. If you watch this film with someone else (I did, but she was a dog) you will almost certainly have something to talk about afterwards, and in my mind that is a sign of a fantastic film. from the official Netflix channel

While this ambiguity isn't going to appeal to everyone, i think that for people like me that would rather be a bit confused than to have the story laid out for me in an easy-to-follow manner, this film was a "breath of fresh air" in a Netflix library that is, for the most part, loaded with films that are all essentially the same thing.

My overall rating 8/10


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  • @belemo

    Love psychological weirdy movies. Sort of reminds me of Shutter Island in some way. These psychological drama/thrillers actually gives your mind something to work on and lets you actually be immersed in the movie. I'm going to check it out.

    I wrote a review about what is probably the most horrible movie I've seen in a while, check it out here, please don't download or stream this movie, you'll regret it lol

  • @tabea

    A film has to be special to be considered watching for me. Because like you said 95% of the american movies have the same pattern and therefire I don't watch movies. I will have a look on this one, cause it seems to be a unusal one. 🙂

  • @slobberchops

    On Netflix too? I'm getting bored of The Witcher.., it was going good until episode 5 when I almost fell asleep.., I could give it a go... I hate Hollywood films too.

  • @bozz

    Nice review! I haven't seen this one advertised yet in my playlist, but I have been catching up on Batwoman on my Plex server lately, so the only time I am actually in Netflix is to watch the next episode of Breaking Bad with my wife. The fact that Molly Shannon is able to pull off a serious part would make it worth watching this I think. Have you heard anything yet on the second season of Dead to Me? I am really excited for that to come back on.

  • @bdmillergallery

    Far too often in American films, the entire plot is laid out and explained that leaves nothing to the imagination, nothing to contemplate, no loose ends and this eventually results in most films being mindless and predictable.

    I hear ya! Mostly why I stopped going to the movies and wasting countless dollars. I recently wrote a post about Orchids.. Orchid Update It reminded me of the last time I posted and you made a comment about the price they could fetch when hunted high in the hills. That got me to thinking about a movie with Nicolas Cage.. 'Adaptation'

    You ignored me.. but I am willing to let it slide. HAHAHA!

    Have you ever seen the movie with Nicolas Cage and Meryl Streep called 'Adaptation'??? This would be a good review movie for you. It had some crazy weird plot twists and lots of Hollywood satire. My wife hatted it and left the room.. haha. I stuck it out and found it strangely satisfying in the end. If you haven't seen it, please do.. I would love to hear your take on it.

    Since you didn't catch that post.. I was able to get a decent picture of Pepper by the Orchid. For some reason he decided to play along.. maybe because of the bacon in my hand.. MAYBE :-)


  • @praditya

    Wow Something really different, but I would rate it into thriller instead of drama. It goes kinda scary but then actually is a psychological thriller. Keep flourishing.

  • @nuthman

    What a coincidence - I just watched the trailer for this last night. Were were searching Netflix for something to watch and weren't quite sure about this one. Thanks for the review!

    I think we'll give it a watch. I have trouble sometimes with these indie type films because although I do like a bit of ambiguity, I like it to be well thought out, if that makes sense!

  • @hodolbak-aaa


  • @havok777

    My mom has schizophrenia. I totally understand the story. Good show

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  • @harryji

    I read this article while waiting delayed airplane in airport late night. Even I was very tired, your writing gave me an attraction.