Do you want to earn extra money to develop/document Steem API?

As you may know, there is Steem Interactive API built with Swagger. It is great tool to quickly query and learn how Steem API works in interactive way.

If you know little basics of Javascript you can earn some extra rewards and as well as contribute to the Steem ecosystem.


I created bounty on Gitcoin, where you can complete the task and earn some ETH, ESTM as well as all the reward from this post. ESTM and STEEM rewards will be sent once task is completed to Steem account of your choice.

Task is simple, all you have to do is to complete these points: Which means updating this swagger.json file on github with new APIs and add some links to documentation...

Steem on!

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  • @angel33

    Steem on really

  • @cryptonewz

    If only i can read javascript.. I would love to mke my own app..

  • @xplosive

    If you know little basics of Javascript

    I only wish I knew. I currently do not know any code. Only a very basic HTML. Probably the majority of the users are in the same (or similar) shoes as me.

  • @jamilderoj


  • @sanjeevm

    I see someone started already on it, which is a good thing. I coded Javascript old ways long back, need to refresh my skills. Sometimes back, I saw a light weight library Steem-Tx , and even its ready to be used from browser.

    What's the diff between using that vs Swagger API ?

  • @ansarnisargill

    I am a professional Javascript Developer, know all shiny things about js, but struggle to find relative documentation where I can start doing stuff. Life Git page, Wikis, etc. Anyone?

  • @tomoyan

    do i need to apply here as a contributor? but i don't see apply or anything...😅 lgbhh7.png

  • @mubashirjalal


  • @irisworld

    Wow! Sounds cool

  • @tomoyan

    there is no "Express Interest" button that means you have got enough people and its closed already?

  • @solidworks

    Congratulations 😉

  • @moon333

    I know only basic html and some scripting, can i do it?

  • @denisdenis

    :D :-)