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  • @phortun

    Very picturesque place. Would be a great setting for a fairy tale :) Thanks for showing us around!

    @tipu curate

  • @gabrielatravels

    #posh https://twitter.com/GabrielaTravels/status/1234204658945712130


  • @prostosun

    very nice small place!

  • @mrprofessor

    All I needed was one of those barrels, it would last for ever \o\

    But seriously, what I like about history is that everything goes back a looooot in time, different from my country, where at most you can go back like 500 and something years, prior to that there's only the indians.

    What I liked the most is that this place seems to be preserved, and not meticulously restaured, like some of the places I visited. Loved it!

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  • @justinparke

    That is absolutely incredible architecture!! We only have a handful old stone structures like that here in Suriname. Beautifully formatted and informative post as always **@gabrielatravels**.