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  • @gabrielatravels

    https://twitter.com/GabrielaTravels/status/1225816322153570304?s=19 Screenshot_20200207-181957.jpg

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  • @phortun

    A mysterious waterfall called "Loathing" that nobody knows about, red stains everywhere, people getting injured on the way... Wow! That´s scary! :D Glad you guys made it alive :)

    @tipu curate

  • @livinguktaiwan

    Looking forward to see your footage next week!!!

  • @tattoodjay

    Another wonderful travel post

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  • @sofathana

    Good post! I love the trip + mystery combination :)

  • @micahjohns

    Thanks for sharing

  • @ruthranfotos

    Laughter is medicine

  • @nickyhavey

    What an epic post my Romanian Sister! Shame you didn't get to see the waterfall but I guess that is one of the mysteries behind it and perhaps why it gets its "loathing" name!

    Interesting that the rocks are all red there, lots of iron possibly with the rusty red colour but I'm sure there are tales of ancestry that you mentioned leading it to have that blood red colour.

    As for the meteor shower, it sounds amazing and that picture you shared, it makes it feel like they are about to fall on top of you! I guess like the name suggests hey!

    I saw the massive rewards for this one and I'm proud of you! Well deserved and hopefully it can help you out a lot 😀

  • @ybanezkim26

    Wow! This was a crazy adventure! We actually did almost the same thing before when I was in college. We tried to climb a mountain without a trail and ended giving up midway because it was so steep and rocks kept falling.

    I haven't tried watching a meteor shower yet but I love to try one day. Living in city, it's very difficult to find a spot near to us that's dark enough to watch the sky.

    I'm excited to watch your footage! Can't wait for your next post.

  • @ackhoo

    Now you got me curious about that waterfall too! I wonder if there's a story attached to it... :) Looks like a pretty place anyway...

  • @khaimi

    hi @gabrielatravels.. It's very nice to hear your story to get that place, indeed I have not seen the waterfall, but I really enjoyed a few photos about that place. Looks like the last photo is the perfect to ending your story. Very beautiful as beautiful as you tell it. Greeting and Blessing