SteemScan Feature: Fast & Easy to use Exchange to convert your Steem

The biggest challenge Blockchain and Crypto users are facing is the way to get money out of the wallet. For expert users it becomes very simple to get fiat money from the crypto, to trade, to convert, to place order but for newbie it’s a huge pain to do that.

@futureshock with the help of @roadofrich tackles this challenge for the new users by integrating a way too easy exchange in Steemscan, the greatest Steem Blockchain Explorer. So you only need to get your address from a platform like Kraken to cashout your crypto without the need of using another exchange as middlemen.



Steemscan is the most ergonomic and beautifully designed blockchain explorer. It integrates everything you need and want to look for in the Steem blockchain. Beside the list of all the transactions and blocks up to now it also integrates special features such as the helping hand for new developers on the Steem blockchain, the list of witnesses and Dapps.

We've added a new tool - the Quick Convert aka the exchange!

Steem Fast & Secure Exchange

The Steemscan exchange is now the official steem exchange and the most secure one from the blockchain.

It is the fastest one if you need to get your money out, to trade, to place order, to convert. It's definitely hard to understand and to learn how to use exchange, which is why this one is super easy to use, you don't even have to learn how to use it as it is very intuitive.

It offers the possibility to change in different currencies starting from USDT (us dollars), BTC (bitcoin) and TRX (tron).

How to convert in 4 simple steps?

  1. Set the amount of Steem you’d like to convert
  2. Choose a currency between USDT, BTC, TRX
  3. Put your withdrawal Address
  4. Create the order


Reminder : If you address is not valid you will not be able to create your order, so you have less risk to make a mistake by sending funds to a wrong or a mistyped address.


We are all fee haters but we promise the Steemscan exchange fee is the cheapest one out there.

It takes 1% of conversion fee and a fix fee for the desired currency (fix fees are taken by our partner exchange but those fees are applied on most of existent exchanges at the same rate).

For USDT the fix fee is 1.0000 For BTC the fix fee is 0.0005 For TRX the fix fee is 0.0100

For example let’s say you’d like to convert 100 steem into USDT right now:

Fix fee = 1.0000

Conversion fee = 0.20182057

Total fees = fix fee + conversion fee

= 1.20182057 USDT


Anyway Steemscan will calculate the fees for you, you can simulate by entering a Steem amount and it will give you all the fees informations right away. The fees are always displayed in the current selected currency. For smaller amounts we suggest you to use TRX instead of USDT or BTC.

Get notified when your order is processed

For many different reason your conversion process can be delayed, so you will receive a notification as soon as your order has been processed.


Be anonymous

While other exchanges ask you to use the same memo to deposit your funds, SteemScan generate a new memo for each order, so nobody will know that you are depositing your funds to the same wallet with different accounts.

Steem to Paypal integration

We are thinking about integrating Steem to Paypal on SteemScan beside crypto conversion, but for this we need you feedbacks!! So please answer to this post and show us your interest for a service like this.

Road of Rich X Futureshock collaboration


We are proud to announce that this service is a Steem witnesses collaboration.

Futureshock has been a fervent Road of Rich game supporter and we are delighted to be able to collaborate on this tool with the RoR witness.

You can also find their announcement post in korean :

Many more collaborations and tools will come so follow and vote for @future.witness and @roadofrich to support our work in expanding the Steem blockchain ecosystem.

Steemie currently dosen't allow you to make comments. If you want to write something, write it using another frontend (like Steemit)
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  • @gamersnews

    please integrate paypal because is easy in that way to change to fiat money faster

  • @axeman

    Great news! And yeah, withdrawal to PayPal gonna be freakingly cool feature too

  • @roadofrich


  • @burakakdogan

    love it!

  • @block.token

    Hi @futureshock, @roadofrich

    I want to clarify, that I have translated your posts into Indonesian. Whoever the original owner of this post is, please give me permission, and if this is not approved by the owner I will delete this post.

  • @denmarkguy

    Adding PayPal as a withdrawal gateway would be an amazing feature... even if there were a fee associated. So far, the only exchange I know of that handles PayPal is Coinbase... and I think they charge 3.5% for converting BTC to USD and sending the proceeds to PayPal.

  • @openmindedtravel

    Steem to PayPal would be really interesting - especially now when things like Skype et. al. can be paid for by PayPal accounts. Going forward I want to keep earnings in cryptocurrency, but have an efficient way to move it into "fiat" when I need to pay certain bills/purchases.

  • @dreamrafa

    I would prefer a Paypal to Steem conversion, that would be sweet :D

  • @aiekseykawhql

    withdrawal to PayPal is a good idea!)

  • @team-mexico

    This tool is very modern and functional. The platform needs many more tools like this, they are really doing a great job to get ahead. Converting Steem to fiat money will be very helpful to all users, thanks for thinking and caring for the needs of the community

    Steem ON! #SteemIsTalent ❤️🥰

  • @menerva

    Good stuff futueshock!

  • @rishabh99946

    It would be great to see paypal service in steem! Excellent work team! We support you!

  • @sapwood

    This is one of the best development in recent times, if you can integrate both Paypal and Neteller then it would be really great.

    Steem on.

  • @amitkumar05512


  • @hardaeborla

    Wow!! This is really great and impressive! I really love the fact that it enables users to convert their steem automatically to cash without needing any trader services.

    Thanks for sharing this great post @futureshock with love from @hardaeborla ❤️💕.. Much thanks to @roadofrich for his effort to make that successful!

    I'll surely check out steemscan and see how it goes.

    Thanks again for this great development and I hope you have a great day ahead with love from @hardaeborla ❤️💕❤️💕

  • @leveuf

    Great news on the developments of Steem, this is feeling really different and new!! SteemScan has an awesome design and this exchange tool will be fenomenal. I would really appreciate the achievement to relate the Steem and SBD (as a stablecoin) in other markets as pair with Tether, USDJ or DAI.

    As for PayPal, that will be a big, big step, I hope you can implement it!!

    Congratulations to the Witnesses @FutureShock and @RoadofRich. Best wishes for this development on the Steem tools and DApps!! Regards!!

  • @theguruasia


  • @osakivolezka42

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  • @besticofinder

    Very informative. Thanks for sharing

  • @papisaxy

    Great!! Steem to Paypal please! Thank you very much 👌🏼

  • @sashas

    It would be great to be able to transfer to paypal. Greetings

  • @ahmadmanga

    What a good service! Though I'll wait for LTC/BCH integration because BTC fees are too high for me... (About Paypal integration I think it's a nice idea but my country isn't supported by Paypal so I'll stay neutral on this.)

  • @alokkumar121

    interesting service.

  • @yasu24

    Great News! Thank you for supporting STEEM community.

  • @funtraveller

    Really cool!

    I already mentioned in ROR's post, adding ETH & BCH as one of the currencies will be very helpful as well.

    And I hope you add the Deposit option as well.

  • @greencross

    Yes to PayPal.

    Please add support for LTC

  • @bluengel

    #Steem 💙 On ! ♨♨♨

  • @trendotoken

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  • @oppongk

    Great exchanges! I have used the app. to exchanged my Steem to BTC and it feel very good and fast. Please would you include changing from BTC to Steem?

  • @crisking

    Withdrawal to PayPal would be GREATE, @futureshock @roadofrich !!!!

  • @roleerob

    Recently seeing reference to this @futureshock, via my good friend @leveuf, I decided to use your service.

    It was a disastrous experience.

    First, I will take full responsibility for the outcome, as I did not read the conversion detail on the 2nd transaction, as the 1st one had gone so well. What was the outcome?

    1. image.png

    2. image.png

    In the 1st transaction, I always run a test, to ensure everything is working as expected. I sent 20 STEEM and it went fine. The exchange rate shown was competitive. And it was all executed in a timely manner, so no problems.

    In the 2nd transaction, I was working on another issue and was distracted, but copying and pasting doesn't require much focus. I mistakenly assumed I would have a similar outcome. Wrong!

    How your new "service" can have this dramatic a swing in the exchange rate is beyond my comprehension. I have been executing exchange transactions for over 2 years and never had any outcome like this.

    Who is the exchange with whom you and @roadofrich are partnering?

  • @gulsoom2011

    I have distance myself from all those get rich quickly scheme and now using KoinPro to protect and minimize my risks of digital assets. I am able to make profit notwithstanding the market condition with their smart trade panel.

  • @freebornsociety

    Do ya'll have a discord?