What About Free Will?!

I know what you are thinking. Free will? Well, Stacie D and I were having a nice talk about this over the last couple of days. Everyone has a different idea of what free will might look like, and even have a different idea of where free will comes from.

When it comes to my life, I always think about my spiritual life. I wrestle with the idea of God's will versus free will. Do I actually have the ability to choose. Am I actually able to choose things that aren't good for me, and does God ever allow that.

Yesterday, I saw a real display of free will. Some people are really hard on people that aren't locking themselves in their houses. There is alot of talk about taking care of the elderly. Well..... yesterday I saw the most blatant and BA response to lock down that I have ever seen.

I had to run to the grocery store for some supplies, and I was aware of everyone around me. I'm always a people watcher, and I love to see how people respond to situations. Anyway, I was at the store and a car pulled up next to me with two elderly people in it.

I watched them get out of there car, smoking cigarettes, and shuffling up to the grocery. Now, I am sure that they both had co-morbid factors in their lives, and they could probably lose their battle with an illness. But there was a look in their eye. They had seen some things. You could tell at some point in their life they had witnesses something that was much worse in their minds.

So as we are watching people that are responding one way or another to this quarantine, I think that it is important to think about free will. Who is responsible for telling us what we are allowed or not allowed to do. Who is responsible to tell us what is ok and not ok. Who is responsible to tell us how we have to respond or not respond. When we are living out our experience on this planet, whose will are we living out?

Be well ~The Yeti

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