Three Experimental Mascletas During Fallas 2020

Three Experimental Mascletas During Fallas 2020

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Yes, Fallas 2020 has been cancelled, but we’re going to continue sharing our experiences before the Spanish lockdown. Especially for all the Valencians stuck at home, we want to deliver at least a little bit of Fallas flair! On March 6th and 7th, we walked around the city to capture some of the more unique mascletàs. Enjoy!

Cien Mil Truenos en Tiempo Récord

The Fallas Commission of Mosen Sorell-Corona hired the pyrotechnicians of Vulcano to set up this unique mascletà display. Over 100,000 firecrackers are lit up at the same time, presenting the onlookers with a giant huge ball of explosions, and warming their jaw-dropped faces with a flash of heat. Absolutely stunning and we really hope that this crazy new type of mascletá becomes a tradition picked up by other commissions. We loved it!

Beer Bottle Mascleta

We were just at the right time, in the right spot. When we walked by the Centre del Carme, we didn’t have plans to actually go inside, but were tempted by the EFLUENOW installation by Raquel Rodrigo. Soon, we realized that the entire cultural center was set up as an alternative Falla. So cool! We also had the chance to see David de Limón and Disneylexya (two famed street artists from Valencia) working on pieces. Then, in the back of the courtyard, we noticed this strange configuration of beer bottles, with wooden blocks dangling overhead on strings. An artist pressed some buttons on his keyboard, and the blocks started falling down onto perfectly-placed bottle openers, creating a POP sound as the tops flew off! Voilà, a beer bottle mascletà! We stuck around after, hoping they would hand out the open beers. They didn’t!

Espectáculo Pirotécnico Singular

Following the experimental mascletà at Mosen Sorell-Corona, we rushed down to the Falla Maestro Gozalbo-Conde Altea to see a street mascletà set up by Ricardo Caballer. We were standing first row for what is possibly the most brutally loud mascletà we’ve ever seen. We still can’t get over the fact that they can do this, so close to apartments in which people live. It was super intense and the tower of smoke at the end was nothing we ever seen before. It made us wonder if everyone here in Valencia is still sane.

Covid-19 Update From Valencia

And just a quick update, we’re on full lockdown here in Valencia, but are so happy to be back home during these times. Below you’ll find some cool images of these experimental mascletàs but also a video from our very last walk through the city, shortly before the lockdown was enacted on Saturday, March 14th:

From our Valencia Travel Blog

-All videos were filmed with this camera (except fro some shirt clips)

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