Covid-19 Valencia, Spain - First Grocery Run After Full Lockdown - Ghost City

As you might know, Spain is on full lockdown since Saturday March 14th, 2020 - 9pm. Mike went out on Sunday, the day after to get his monitor and other things so he can work from home, from the office he initially rented for Fallas. And I went out yesterday for the first time to go grocery shopping, day 4 of the lockdown.

My route was from the Valencian neighborhood of La Xeria down Calle del Mar to Plaza de la Reina, then over to Plaza Dr. Cuallado to the Mercado Central, supporting local business. Then I walked over to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and I caught on camera how I was talking to myself when I saw the bust of Escif's Fallas figure since the lockdown: It's still there! It felt super eerie walking by it now!

On my grocery shopping trip I didn't stop, and tried to avoid the path of other people as much as possible. I went out after 11am since the time between 9 am to 11 am should be reserved for older people.

This will be the only video of that sort I'll be making during the lockdown and Mike and I will be staying inside, unless we have to get more food. But I had to capture this odd feeling of ghosted Valencia once.

Everyone stay safe!

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  • @davidke20

    Locked down, but the street looks really calm. @tipu curate

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  • @gillianpearce

    Wow. That really is spooky. Especially since it's 11 a.m.

    I think there were more people out and about here today although the supermarket shelves are still pretty empty.

    Very surreal.

    Sending love and wishing us all well. 💙

  • @pushpedal

    Keep safe! This is a scary time

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