The Hype Dalgona Coffee, My First Try Making and Wont Be The Last!


Lately, everyone been making this one coffee called Dalgona Coffee. I dont exactly know how its called dalgona. I know for a fact that Dalgona is a korean candy, made by sugar and baking soda.

Me, a very beginner at cooking, interested in this. Because, its so easy and cheap to do. Basically we only need 4 main ingredient. Other than that its just a choice and preference.

Let me tell you beforehand tho, this is my first try so i made a mistake. Will tell you later whats my mistake.



2 sachet of instant coffee


8 tbs Sugar


Hot Water



79cpxn.jpg zoftka.jpg

This is the tools. We need a mixer if we want it faster and less tiring.

How To Do It


Put All the coffee, sugar, and water in one place


Mix it with Mixer for 5-6 minutes



Mix it till it looks like this


Crush the oreo to this tiny bit pieces


Put Milk on the glass


Put the coffee and sugar mix on top of it


Give the oreo topping



Anyway, my mistakes:

  • I used a chocolate milk, and thats too kuch, the dalgona coffee already too sweet. It will taste better if i use just a pure milk. I think that with using just a pure milk it will taste so refreshing.
  • Somehow the sugar cant melt properly to the coffee. This, i dont know the reason, maybe my water aint hot enough or maybe i put less water than i should.

This is my first time and i always have room to grow so i will do it again soon and hope it will turns out better.

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