Sister’s Little Gift For My Room, Thank You Sister ❤️


I got a very big package. At first i was surprised because i didnt order anything. But the package is on my name.

So i asked my sister that lived in another city, does she order something and send it home or not. And she said yes, and its for me. She bought it for me.

This is a wall’s decorations. She bought it for me because i told her i want to do a room make over. And she told me to hang something cute on my wall.

Anyway, lets open the package.


It came out like this. At first i thought it was only 2 pieces. But actually, its few pieces stick together.


I dont know what it made of but its quite heavy so maybe its from some kind of wood or maybe mixed with wood.

And even though they all so pretty. It doesnt make sense to hang 5 of them in my room. I will just hang 3 and give the other two to our mother.

Sister said she will send me other things, hehe. Im happy.


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