Moving to greener pastures // What I will do with an inherited piece of land

Well, these have been a whacky last days, trying to keep my shit together while juggling with a lot of different issues at the same time.

For one, it still hasn’t rained here despite a few really cloudy days that promised a lot but never delivered.

Second, my house-partner went on full anti-weed spree and pulled out from root all the beautiful nutritious, medicinal, soil-restoring plants from the garden because she’s old fashioned and needs to see everything tidy and boring. Situations like this put my tolerance to the test.

None of the talking and teaching her about the different plants, their properties and how they were useful beyond measure were enough to convince her it was better to let wild plants grow instead of wasting tons of water in forcing foreign seeds to thrive in a land that has already been mistreated for long enough.

Anyway, the house and land are under her administration by legal right and I can’t do much about her decisions so I can only complain through this post and not much more.

Due to this, I am seeking to get out of here as soon as possible and make it south to my homeland, where I have inherited a terrain and have the plan of putting together a vegan permaculture community.

terreno2.jpg This is the only picture I have of the terrain... To the back there is a river and forest but unfortunately, none of that was sent. Will have to wait until I get there to know what it's really like! It's still quite the view, no?

Unfortunately this means I won’t be able to stay and see the results of the “healing circle” project, but the good side is that I will be able to do things in a manner that is more respectful with the soil, wildlife and the native forest.

I’ve already been promoting the project on my Facebook and there are 5 people interested in living there. We’ll see how that works and I’m guessing it’ll be quite the challenge to make things function in a way that pleases everybody.

At least, I think that people who are into veganism and permaculture should be peaceful and of good intentions, though you never know… better not to expect anything from anyone, stay chill, observe, and try to make balanced decisions if possible.

Another big challenge will be the cold weather of southern Chile where it snows a lot and morning frost is very common. Since I have no money and no tools I’m thinking of starting a Hive account for the community as well as a Fundition project to see if we can get some support from the blockchain.

For me it’s actually fun dealing with the cold. Meditating to adapt my body to low temperatures, as well as keeping the fire going and searching for wood seem to me great ways to spend time. Hopefully I’ll have some company during the cold months, as it is rare to find other people who enjoy that as well.

Since decentralization is an important aspect of the community as well, I will pass on the ownership of the land to a society. I have to look after the main goal, which is to create a place with humans live in harmony with Nature and the different species that inhabit it, so there will be a test for those who wish to be part of this society.

The evaluation will be to spend 70% of a year living in the community and it will be required to stay a winter there. Another option will be to extend the number of years and lower the percentage of assistance per year. For example:

2 years with 60% of time spent in the community 3 years with 50% “ “ “ “ “ “ 4 years with 40% “ “ “ “ “ “

And so forth..

This way people will be able to secure a home for themselves either through perseverance or the fierceness of their determination to see the project succeed.

There will be a manifesto for the society that can never be changed regarding respect for veganism, permaculture and native forest. The land will not be able to be sold without full consensus of the community, securing a place of regeneration and soil vitality for generations to come.

I’m putting this out for two reasons: one is to get feedback on the idea and the other to leave an open invitation to anyone who would like to be part of something like this to get in touch with me (you can do so on Discord, I have the same username).

Soon I’ll be putting out a more detailed post on the community, as well as the results of our first online meeting which will be held tomorrow. Let me know what your thoughts are on this and perhaps your experiences on keeping communities together, the challenges this poses, and what you have done to face them.

Stay blessed, Fen

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    Wish you success in your plans.

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