Finding out what is real

I have to be honest. Before this pandemic begin I was very locked on to my goals and constantly trying to build up the discipline so that I could achieve them in the shortest term possible.

At the same time I had taken the habit of moving around places. Whenever a certain routine bored me or social relationships got tiresome I would pick up my few belongings and leave. This gave me a sense of “freedom” since I could start over as many times as I wanted.

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However, when the pandemic begins it became harder to move around, and adding the curfew to that it really felt like movement started to get restricted. I decided to travel back to my homeland before things got worse, despite not having achieved the things I had in mind. After all, there was land, water, and trees, which pretty much guaranteed a better quality of life than the dryness of central Chile.

When I first arrived I felt pretty frustrated… I felt I had returned exactly as I left, with empty pockets and not a hair wiser. Yet, perhaps I was wrong.

You see, since all plans had gone to wreck, I was only left with the instant moment I was living and nothing else. While traveling I had been living the moment many times and what held me back from constantly doing so was the thought that I had to do something to show for myself when the day of returning home happened.

Now there was nothing more to do. I was pretty much trapped in this isolated part of the country and forced to face my past. Fear walked beside me in every step, my Karma looked at me with a taunting smile.

To my surprise, there was nothing hostile waiting for me here. On the contrary, everyone and everything was extremely welcoming. I realized that the horrible version of me I pictured I had left here was only in my mind. Most people had a lot more kind things to say about me rather than criticism.

After all these events my perspective on Life has shifted a lot from the desire to fulfill plans to the appreciation of what is. Everyone around me is healthy, inspired, and breaking from the chains of schedules, work, and unwanted responsibilities. I have no clue if anything about this pandemic is real or not, but I am sure it has made things more positive for me.

So, to directly answer the question “how has your energetic experience changed during this global pandemic?”, I’ll say it has been a turbulent transition into a more positive and grateful vibration. In physical terms I feel with abundant energy to do many things throughout the day and I’m even waking up earlier without the need for an alarm.

The thing is that there are different levels of energetic consciousness. There is the “alert” layer, as well as others that appear on less conscious states of mind.

I notice that spiritually speaking I have lost a bit of connection to the esoteric realms and dreams are unclear. While daytime happens to be very inspired, nighttime tends to go into dark thoughts and representations of fears.

It seems to me this might have to do with the collective energy moving around since many people have reported to me that they are suffering from insomnia and weird thoughts at night.

This might have to do with what the media tries to push into our minds. My daily life is pretty peaceful, loving, and healthy, yet every now and then I will run into the news and see the world they trying to paint: a world of sickness, death, and the need for savior governments that will show us the path.

Something tells me this is having a huge energetic impact on us, and it seems like a desperate attempt of the powers that be to keep a society that was breaking loose from their chains under their hand, even if for a short time longer.

I try to not let it get to me, to observe without judgment and let things be. This has been pretty much the thick of my spiritual work lately. I’m sure there are many others aware of how bizarre the nightly energies are moving and it might be a good idea to pay deep attention to what we can do to avoid getting caught in their currents.

At the same time, it’s necessary to look directly at what is going on in the subconscious and let go of the fear that surrounds it. I think these are times where we have been granted the necessary time to feel and find what is “real” and that’s where we should be focusing our energies.

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