Community Journal #2: Recycling and Gathering Resources

With the virus life going on it’s been hard for us as a community to get physically together and get any actual labor done. However, while walking around I found a burnt house that was easy to access and had tons of stuff that could be reused!


Zinc cans, some decent bed structures, supermarket carts (great for making dehydrator), and a few other things were available. Four of us went in to get mainly the zinc cans so we can build a storage with them and start gathering resources for our houses.


The zinc cans were the big prize for us because the storage will be built mainly from these and pallets.


There was perfectly usable furniture though we will have to come back another day to get that.


Carts for dehydrators, eventually I'll put up a tutorial on that.


A little cleaning and we're good to go with these pans and pot.


Definitely won't be using those rotting mattresses, but the wooden structure is in rather good condition.



Overall it was a great haul and it’s quite satisfactory to see something concrete being done regarding the creation of the places we will eventually inhabit. Below you can see what we managed to carry to the terrain. Those trees are nothofagus antartica and make the thick of the forest in the plot.


Today we'll be having a meeting where I'll be telling them about Hive and Peakd so that we can create a community account where we collectively create content. It would be awesome to have your support on this quest as all the rewards we get will be put towards making this project move forward.

It's nice to know these days there are so many different ways to obtain resources and that it's not necessary to grind in a monotonous 9 to 5 job to get things done. With open eyes and a creative mind we can accomplish anything so let's stay sharp.

Thanks for reading and supporting. Wish you an awesome day, filled with awesome happenings!

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