belongs to a scammer - Why you should use an alternative like steempeak NOW!

I was asking around if I should stop using even though I block ads so I'm not giving justin anything anyway. Without proper response, I started imagining worst-case scenarios.

The dangers of using

It is clear that justin is ill intended, as he is attempting to take over all witnesses spots in order to centralize the steem blockchain completely. He bought Steem, Inc who doesn't own the steem blockchain, but does own

When I tried to post through yesterday, steem keychain gave me a heads up, basically telling me that I should reconsider. That gave me some ideas.

What if the website suddenly changes the posting button's function to a "send all of your steem to justinsun" button without warning? Anyone who automatically logs in will be devastated. This approach could target a few select users, which is even more dangerous, but it could also simply target everyone.

I don't even need to think of any other hypothesis. This one is dangerous enough on it's own. I'm not using anymore. Go for or!

Steemie currently dosen't allow you to make comments. If you want to write something, write it using another frontend (like Steemit)
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  • @kramgelo

    eSteem is also a good try.. :)

  • @avare

    Good article. I agree. $trdo

  • @stranger27

    Totally agree with you! BEER!

  • @charcoalbuffet

    I agree and not using an adblocker is also giving him money when you use Steemit.

  • @golddeck

    I prefer esteem for most of my blockchain needs... but you cant use your active key to post... and shouldn't be logging in with your master or owners keys.... so this is really not something you should fear. You can't move most steem tokens with your posting key except splinterland cards.

  • @eii

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