Vlog 447: Steem needs way more time to grow than I expected. I don't mind waiting but I do want to have fun in the meantime.

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I have accepted the fact that Steem will need a lot more time to become successful than I initially thought.

It's not easy to see something that you believe in so much being crushed for the last two years but it is what it is.

I still love Steem and the potential but It's not as easy as it used to be to get over the top excited when I read about new developments.

Any announcement of something new used to fill my heart with a joy and an enthusiasm that's hard to describe.

It's still there but not in the extreme it used to be.

And by looking around I guess I'm not the only one.

Steemitblog posts about amazing announcements like the SMT testnet are received in a very subdued way.

I guess it's all normal when everyone has gone through the wringer for 2 years (downtrend).

It doesn't mean Steem won't be successful and I think a lot of people will kick themselves in the face in the future for not paying attention today. My STEEM investment is not going anywhere soon!

For me, I do have also accepted that for Steem to be successful it needs more businesses and communities than we have now and for STEEM to be successful it needs more companies, businesses, and communities that want to spend money getting STEEM (buy or lease) to pay for the resource credits they need.

I'm fully convinced this will happen. It needs more time though.

Market speculation can, of course, do with the STEEM price whatever it wants. But as a pure use-case and value proposition for STEEM I think RC's are it.

So I realize I had to make some changes in the meantime.

I want to enjoy Steem more, like I used to, for what we do have currently, while we wait (AKA have more fun).

You might have noticed it in my blogs. They are different. I'm mixing things up.

More gaming and movies, beers and simple blogs that I enjoy writing.

I also still post about Steem when I discover something cool.

It's a nice mix and a good way to Steem that I can recommend.

But you write can't write about things if don't do stuff in real life.

So in my Steem off time, I'm starting to work more on my health (I'm back to the gym and intermittent fasting) and I'm enjoying watching movies, going out with friends and playing old skool games and sharing my experiences and thoughts about all of it in the way that I enjoy.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

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  • @michealb

    ha cooking with exyle! i googled it and this came up on top


    that was 2 years ago, what ya cookin now? :)

  • @freiheit50

    Very reasonable thoughts and statements!

    Good things will take time. As you are young, you have enough of it.

    it needs more companies, businesses, and communities that want to spend money getting STEEM (buy or lease) to pay for the resource credits they need.

    That's the crucial point! There aren't yet many reasons for any "big boys with deep pockets" to buy STEEM.

    My reason for staying here is simply blogging and communicating with interesting and open-minded people.

    Looking at the chart, I see a long-term bottom now.

    Have a nice day, mate!

  • @rem-steem

    I also thought the same. I thought I will earn a handsome amount, I will grow quick blah blah blah... But when I saw nothing, I shifted my focus and now I'm enjoying the ride. I'm totally into it... :)

  • @zellypearl

    True fact! We are all eagerly waiting for when steem will boom up again For when it will rise again from what it is now

    So for the main time, we all have to put in our best in steem, engage the system, make good investments and encourage others to join the platform Fruitful time shall surely come.!😊

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  • @bozz

    Like I said, I don't necessarily think the next big thing for Steem is going to be something that originates inside the blockchain. I think it is going to be something external that allows it to grow and increase the way it should. Who knows though, we are all just guessing at this point!

  • @dalz

    All reasonable words. It will take time to have mass adoption and the value of RC to came in place.

    But the thing with crypto is that prices almost never reflect the real value of the project and the current state of development. So who knows what can happen with the price!

  • @spiritabsolute

    And you thought that everything would be simple? That was clear right away! You can’t think that the word “blockchain” can change the user experience that users of popular social networks are used to. There should be a collaboration of the our community. Each of us must develop and create high-quality, unique content with a soul! Stop linking to instagrams, patreons and facebook! Share links to your posts with professionals around the world, in different places! If you create content based on the lessons of a person, show in the comments on his video on YouTube how you did it! Feel free to show your content on the network. Use the steempeak.com interface for this.

    Love Steam for Real! It will take years of work, but I believe that we can do it!

  • @funnyman

    I am thinking the same. Invest when the price goes lower and I am happy if the prices rise but the sad part that is I won't be able to afford steem buy with Fiat.

  • @good-karma

    Hey man, wonder if you are checking steem.chat, wrote you there few days ago, would be great to hear back your thoughts?!

  • @general.guy

    A few of my thoughts.... Many are talking about that steem needs more time to reach mass adoption and be successful and that we have to try hard to create good content.

    At the moment there are a lot of "successful" Posts about Steem intself, charts, development etc. Did the community of Facebook try to actively push the Facebook Platform? I don't think so. Facebook offered the right features at the right time with the right marketing, which people liked and joined. The community did the rest with sharing and more people joined. Posting about every nonsense bullshit. With the right algorithm usually people with the same thinking were linked with similar post. Profit.

    I see steem like a niche blogging platform. Usually people with "different" thinking are using it. But if you want to achieve mass adoption you need the "sleeping sheeps" because they are the mass. Would a post for example about getting wasted in the club xyz last night be "successful". I mean getting a lot of upvotes? At the moment, I don't think so.

    Steem needs a direction where it wants to position itself.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't like Facebook and I'm not using it. But we have examples of what worked in the past. So it should be used and mix it up with the nice idea of Steem.

    I'm just a noob in steem, but this is what I noticed when using it. What do you think?


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  • @belemo

    I'm in it for the long haul and unbothered tbh. There's huge potential and we all just have to promote steem externally to bring more ppeople like you and me into the platform. Steem is like our baby and we do what we must to make it grow. We'll be fine.

  • @nuthman

    Man, I know exactly what you mean. Especially what you said about not feeling like yourself anymore. I got so stressed out and way too involved. I even did the same thing - I started working out, stepped away for a while and started trying to make it fun again.

    I think the thing that helped me out the most was pretty much doing what you suggested - use the platform for what it's designed for and don't get caught up in the politics or worry about the price. It really changed my outlook and lowered my stress levels!

  • @jimmi5566

    Good luck for you

  • @shortsegments

    Hi @exyle I agree with you that Steemit has become too serious. I remember your last funpost about barbecuing steaks. It was a laid back fun post. I thought you were very gracious about the downvotes. I have tried to write only serious things on NewSteem, but your post made me miss the fun. So after I read your post, I decided not to write the serious post I started writing about Open Libra, instead I decided to something fun. I did a spoof of Star Wars and made this post which is fun. I hope you like it! 😀


    ✍🏼 Me @shortsegments

    P.S, I am thinking of having a contest called Libra vs. Open Libra Memes, I think the theme will be : Lets make Steem fun again!


  • @endless.drugs

    Can you check my post on the BitCoin (BTC) price prediction please? I need help as I live in Chile and we are almost in a civil war here... My Minds account had over 1,000,000 views and it got taken down for no reason! I need more followers and support since I am pushing for a libertarian message and fighting for my country. Also I wish to make a free world for my Polish girlfriend (There are eight people left in the world with her last name thanks to communists/socialists and national socialists (Nazis) in Poland). Also China is getting into crypto, so things are crazier than what they may look like....

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  • @dmwh

    Great to see that you are remaining in balance and putting the things in your life in perspective. Well done!

  • @lalupita

    All we need is love... and steem ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • @cryptonia

    We are having fun on steemit bro.

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  • @hiroyamagishi

    I looked on the google trends today and search steemit I was surprised because of bump on seaches for steem. Maybe it is a good sign for all of us that are waiting for the good news