Different frontends, Different curators and the impossibility to curate everything Steem in the future.

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Yesterday Appics came out with a new version of their app and it's now possible to earn APX tokens in the app as well as STEEM.

Earning different tokens on Steem is nothing new since the introduction of Steem-Engine.

But moving forward with the tokenization of the web (whether it's through Steem-Engine or SMT's or both) everything that is posted on the Steem blockchain will be eligible to earn STEEM as well as other tokens.

It doesn't matter whether this content is posted through a tribe like SteemLEO or PAL or an app like APPICS.

When APPICS becomes extremely successful and millions use the app, the Steem Blockchain will be flooded with thousands of posts of APPICS.

That is fine for the APPICS app. Because it only displays APPICS content and they have their own curators to distribute APX tokens.

But can you imagine what this will look like on Steemit.com? This frontend displays everything that's going on on the blockchain.

Not just APPICS content, also Steemit blog posts, Actifit rapport, Esteem, everything you do and everyone else does under their account.

Right now on Steem, it's still possible for curators to find content to vote for (with Steempower) through a frontend like Steemit.com or Steempeak even though it displays everything.

But what if millions start to post daily through all the different apps and frontends that will arise and one refresh on steemit.com will lead to hundreds of new posts to 'curate'.

It will be impossible to curate for a human. Too overwhelming. I think.

In this video, I show how it all ties in together.

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  • @contrabourdon

    At least with Steempeak, you can blacklist a tag from your feed. Surely this will become a feature in frontends down the track.

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  • @michealb

    lol, i like billy.

    could have used the art tag :)

  • @mattclarke

    Great explanation. I think SE and SMT tokens are going to give scope for niche credibility to be rewarded. Say I'm a huge fan of the TV show, "Friends", and start a website. We have the SMT "Gum", so people who post interesting Friends content are rewarded with Gum. One day, a new account "Maggiewheeler" arrives and starts posting. There's no reason that a millenial cryptoanarchist coder is going to know that Maggie played Janice, and should definitely be rewarded and encouraged. If her post is rewarded only in Steem, he's going to flag her and she's going to leave. If curators need to be experts in every possible topic in order to differentiate between quality posts and over-rewarded posts; then we're not going to get very far.

  • @hungryharish

    Yes! That what needed I think. People will stick to specific niche and make more connections who create content in that specific one. It became very easy for them to curate the content as it's all there at one place for them. Now coming to steemit, I wonder how trending page looks in future! More diverse as each post comes in to trending from different tribe.

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  • @bobskibob

    Biggest problem is when you have more than one token staked ...

  • @felander

    Well, for the moment we can still tag different tribes but indeed the manual curators do downvote if there is abuse so people do tend to behave these days. Where was this info on Appics released? cannot find anything on the site, nor on the blog. And my app says its out of beta but I cannot find a new one on the app store

  • @bozz

    I know there are a lot of projects that have users who are not happy about the perceived "spam" that is flooding their platforms from apps such as actifit and dlike. It can be a hard thing to work out. A long time ago the Musing.io dapp worked it out by making posts show up as comments. That made a huge difference in the clutter that shows up on peoples blog pages.

  • @novacadian

    But can you imagine what this will look like on Steemit.com? This frontend displays everything that's going on on the blockchain.

    That fallacy has already been exposed. If you don't think so then check out this user's blog...


  • @niallon11

    Communities and filters are going to become very important if there are hundreds of apps putting content into the chain. We've already seen what can happen with drugwars and actifit putting a lot of posts onto STEEM.

  • @asgarth

    Totally agree with this, but probably this is where communities (hivemind communities) should come to the rescue ;)

  • @stackin

    I believe steemit needs a new UI and design that can organize everything. It still looks as if was made in the 90’s 😳😂😅

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