Apparently I am now a Flexitarian. Marketings latest term for people that just eat.

I read an article yesterday.

The title was: "More than half of the Dutch population is Flexitarian".

I never heard the term before so I was very curious about what it was.

I mean, we are talking about more than half the population!

Apparently, a Flexitarian is a person that doesn't eat meat with every meal. They choose alternatives like fish, eggs or mushrooms instead.


By now I am old enough to know that the world wants to label everything.

Everything needs to have a name and if it can't be named a name will be provided for you.

Let me explain.

If you don't eat meat you are vegetarian.

If you don't eat any animal products you are a vegan.

If you are confused about your gender you can pick a letter from the alphabet and roll with it.

All of this makes somewhat sense and I guess for marketing purposes it's also pretty useful.

But what are you if you just eat?

That's what I do. I just eat.

I do it twice a day now that I am back on intermittent fasting and I enjoy every meal that I consume.

But what do you call someone that just eats?

Well...for the longest of times nobody cared...but now some genius came up with a name..because a new term is born!


Yes, a name has been invented for something people have been doing since forever. Eating food.

I don't eat meat with every meal and I don't know anybody that does.

I mean, who puts ham slices in their cereals?

Flexitarians, therefore, is just a new name, for well...Omnivores, aka people that eat everything.

Yesterday I had a nice Flexitarian lunch that I made.


I also had a nice Flexitarian dinner two weeks ago (I was proud of this one, it was rib-eye with pepper mushroom sauce).


And if you remember two months ago I made this Flexitarian meal.

What a great term.

And it comes with additional benefits.

No longer can vegetarians and vegans claim that annoying moral high ground where they claim to save the planet and refuse to kill and eat Bessy the cow.

I do my part now too.

For today's lunch, I had a Flexitarian sandwich with cheese.

Whoever came up with Flexitarian is a genius.

I'm going to use it all the time.

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  • @joslud

    I´m a Flexitarian

    @tipu curate

  • @lesmann

    Makes me a flexitarian as well! Have A Great Day!

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  • @shanghaipreneur

    Wait. Ham slices and cereal? Hold my beer...

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  • @bozz

    So what do omnivores eat now then? That is pretty stupid that they feel the need to label everything like that. People just need to live their lives and not try to label everything!

  • @s3rg3

    I’m proud of you! I’m in the same boat with you fellow flexitarian!

  • @evernoticethat

    As an American, I must object to this healthy eating craze. Your bread should be soft and your belly too! lol

  • @anouk.nox

    Well, shake hands! I'm one too in that case. Let's all be flexible about the term as well :)

  • @pcourtnier

    I'm flexitarian and proud. But I used to call it being an omnivore... Getting old sucks. I can't keep up with all this labeling.

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  • @pardinus

    If you are confused about your gender you can pick a letter from the alphabet and roll with it.

    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    Flexitarians... do you know what I think? Some people have waaaay to much free time and have to make something up! 😉

  • @preparedwombat

    Whoever came up with Flexitarian is a genius.

    My inner word nerd used DuckDuckGo to find out.

    “Flexitarian” was a phrase coined by a dietician named Dawn Jackson Blatner, and is a combination of the term “flexible” and “vegetarian”.


  • @gikitiki

    So ... If a flexitarian is someone who simply eats.

    and a libertarian is someone who strives to uphold liberty

    and a *-tarian is someone who believes in * ...

    Could we say that a Crytocurtarian is someone who believes that Cryptocurrency is their currency of choice?

  • @yogajill

    Whatever we eat, let's enjoy it to the fullest with good company, laughs and lots of joy. And, let's be grateful for whatever it took for the meal before us. Most importantly let's use the energy we get from food to have more fun, to do good, and to love ourselves and one another! Bon appetite!! 🧡❤🧡

  • @blazing

    its just better to enjoy eating hahah rather than finding out new names lol