eSteem iOS 2.2.4 - Now you can create more and worry less

Excited to share another update for iOS users! Since our last release, we have received quite positive feedback, we would like to Thank you each and everyone of you!

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It means a lot to see your like new changes and continue to support. We have number of posts in pipeline to talk about some of the key changes and vision behind them. Stay tuned for that, now here are short list of changes.

What's new in 2.2.4

  • Autocorrect added back into editor
  • Preview on/off icon on editor screen
  • Scroll to top added if same filter is tapped again
  • Beneficiaries list fix on payout details
  • Draft emptying when re-enter bug fixed
  • Post header design improved
  • Feed refreshing bug fix
  • Spinner page styling fix
  • Comments list improved
  • Empty tag on post submission bug fix
  • Images and Links open gives better action menu
  • Language translation updates

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Get eSteem Mobile on AppStoreGet eSteem Mobile on Google Play

We are doing final tests on Desktop app Surfer as well, once ready we will release an update

Android release is under review by PlayStore, we will announce when it is approved/released!

For first time iOS release got approved faster than Android. Somethings clearly improved at Apple this year.

Together, we build the future! ❤️ 🚀

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  • @dandays

    Thank you @esteemapp! Great work everyone. I’ll stop crying about autocorrect now. 👍🏿

  • @tomoyan

    Very nice! Great jog guys 👍👍👍 I got more translation to do today. I will take a look at it later. But I need play with this new version first 😉

  • @kaminchan

    Very nice work! Thank you very much!

  • @simms50

    Thanks for the update, I have been enjoying using the app and look forward to the continued success of it!

  • @yahialababidi

    Wonderful news, @good-karma; thanks, for making a great app even better!

    Just last night, too tired to get out of bed, turn on the lights & sit at my computer, I composed a new poem using esteem on my iphone :)


  • @sharkthelion

    I was having issues with this app the last time I tried it. I would get logged out constantly. I always check back in when there's an update, though. Hoping this one solves some of the issues I had.

  • @chekohler

    Thanks for the update, really appreciate your good work, been enjoying using the app of late

  • @mubashirjalal


  • @impressions

    Desktop app not working on 32 bit.