Day 3 - Steem Advent Calendar 2019, Win prize everyday! 🎄🎁

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  • @ninahaskin

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  • @treepi

    I learned back around 2010 and 2011. I found out about Bitcoin through programming/coding forums. I actually ended up accumulating somewhere between 50 and 100 BTC from faucets alone. However, I never thought anything of it and didn't save the private keys when I recycled an old computer. At the peak of BTC, that was worth 500k to 1 million dollars. It's something I try not to think about too much these days. It's just as bad as the 10,000 BTC pizza guy.

    I also remember the days back when Ethereum was trading around $3-$4 and I really wanted to buy some. However, I didn't due to my income situation. Another thing I kick myself for.

    It was a couple years before I realized the true potential of blockchain technologies and began to invest money into it. Now, today, I focus a majority of my free time on the subject and love everything about it! I'm maintaining a blog where I write about cryptocurrencies and money, though I don't have much myself (yet, haha!), @ . It is syndicated with my Steem account. I'm also working on some small Steem scripts and other little things for other chains. This is only the beginning and I believe we still have quite a long and bright future ahead! :D

  • @amit1995

    It’s an quite interesting thing how I learned about blockchain because it’s started with an scam which make me loss of 500$. Let me explain it’s an scam based on bitcoin and at that time I doesn’t know anything about bitcoin, the scam was prompted by friend circle and they also doesn’t have any idea that this is an scam the scam was saying we will double you money in 180 days and it’s will be profit to your so I invested in that but doesn’t got any after that I started thinking bitcoin is an scam but one of my friend told me that this scam was not bitcoin, bitcoin is very great technology just these scammers are using it as an tool to scam people after that I started searching about bitcoin and through bitcoin I got to know about blockchain and few months I got to know steem and time goes after that.

  • @kingscrown

    2010 or 2011 got my first BTC for free from a friend, then i got more from a faucet

  • @mcoinz79

    I first heard about bitcoin and Ethereum in 2016. I wasn’t sure what to think. I found out about Steem in 2017 and thought it was the most interesting 🤔 

  • @wanderingmoon

    It was sometime this year. I have been doing research on alternatives to mainstream social media and just tell into it. I started really digging in, in August when I joined steemit and blockstack. I have since joined a few others but the first two are my main chains.

  • @yousafharoonkhan

    First time i came to know about stellar .airdrop i got xlm airdrop in 2015 .then i joined steemit in 2017 but bought sbd from bittrex .after buying i joined steemit .i watched video on youtube about steemit then sign it is little journey about block chain

  • @ninahaskin

    I first heard about blockchain technology from my cousin who was an early and big proponent of Bitcoin. He gifted me my first BTC almost ten years ago. I had no idea at the time how big the evolution would be 💰

    I'm what you call a "work in progress" with understanding what's involved with blockchain technology and there is much to learn. Crypto currency is not big here in the United States yet!

  • @davidblackwell

    I won money from sports betting in 2013 and decided to cash out in btc because the fees were cheaper. I kept the btc for about a month but didn't trust it, so I sold. Three years later I came across a bitcoin documentary and decided to do more research. I opened up my wallet for the first time in 3 years and saw that the dust I left multiplied 3-4x. I was upset that I didn't leave more money in and admittedly suffered from some FOMO. I started watching youtube videos made by Andreas Antonopoulos and would watch every interview of vitalik buterin that I could find.... and now I'm here.

  • @chekohler

    It was back in 2016 a friend of mine told me they had just purchased Bitcoin and it kept going up and I thought I’d try my hand in it! Then I met a guy starting an exchange in South Africa and we had a few conversations and from then on in I started diving down the rabbit hole

  • @pnc

    It was basck in 2014 when i was working at building an ecommerce plateform to sell good online. It's when i head about bitcoin and started my research and learning.

  • @depot69

    When the big bitcoin boom was in December 2017, I first heard about the blockchain technology. I inverted something in BTC, which were bought much too expensive. In February 2018 I decided that I wanted to actively participate in steem and published my first post in March 2018. Since that time I have been actively writing and have only seen the bottom of the course, but I will not be discouraged because the blockchain technology belongs to the future.

  • @cryptosearch

    I meet bitcoin in 2017 end. When i surffing in internet some random news was appearing "bitcoin is next gen currency" so i searched about bitcoin in google and youtube some knownolage i gain then i know blockchain is main power for bitcoin and all crypto-currency also working in blockchain and i know.

  • @crownbee

    I got to know about crypto through a friend. I didn't actually believe in his sermon for a very long time. He further explains to me the pizza guy with 10000btc then I began to think about some people losing their wallet because of valueless of BTC then. I asked a series of question from that friend of mine about the crypto. He then said, crypto serves as an investment one can mostly relate with because of its transparency and other amazing facts about it. I was unable to purchase BTC then but I was introduced to steem on the process. I never think of going this far on the steem blockchain. But becoming part of different tribes on the blockchain makes me developed more interest in the crypto game. We're still on the process hoping for the best reward of cryptocurrency.

  • @iamsaray

    Well, I met the BTC in 2016 but I never dared to investigate about that world of cryptocurrencies, I was always afraid of doing a bad business and losing it, then I met Steem this year and I started studying and working it, I feel I have more confidence when talking about blockchain because I have more knowledge :)

    pd: how nice it is to know haha

  • @sanjeevm

    I learned about blockchain in Feb 2017, after hearing about bitcoin. At that time I think, BTC was around 500$, and at first someone persuaded me to buy some, but it could never happen. But then I started learning more about the technology and learnt that it was made on blockchain technology.

  • @chrisaiki

    I heard about the Universal dividend project in 2016 Did you get your universal dividend ?

  • @teenagecrypto

    I learned about it at 17 from my high school ap computer science teacher where he showed me how to use steem and grow on the platform. He gave me 30 cent votes to help me start of then I went off on my own.

  • @ferrate

    First of all, let me say a applaud the entire esteem team for all the great initiatives you guys being on board, and I might say I was among the users who benefited a lot from the esteem advent last year and am happy to see it run again.

    My life of blockchain technology started in the late days of September last year, when I was introduced to steem by a colleague during my year of service to my nation. And I must say, after signing up to steem I was just wondering around the chain since my friend told me the best wait to learn about the blockchain is by trying to look out things for myself.

    My first 6 months was never an easy one since I was struggling with the whole concept of blockchain technology. And it was some great friends around steem blockchain and awesome curators in esteem server that helped me to understand the concept of blockchain technology more. When I look at how I started and now, I can say blockchain technology is the way to freedom

  • @juancho10

    In 2019 it was the first time I heard about Blockchain technology, and it was thanks to my brother who is a systems engineer and resolved my question about what is a blockchain (block chain that stores information in chronological order on the network).

    En el 2019 fue la primera vez que oí acerca de la tecnología Blockchain, y fue gracias a mi hermano que es ingeniero de sistemas y resolvió mi duda ante lo que es un blockchain (cadena de bloque que almacena información en orden cronológico en la red).

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  • @yetivi

    I already heard about Blockchain technology in 2017. I started looking at Bitcoin growth for the first time. in 2018 i bought a pile of my first cryptocurrencies. Of course, I lost a lot of it. I am 23 years old and I envy everyone who learned about Blockchain possibilities earlier;)

    Currently many people use this technology in their businesses. It develops in front of our eyes at an unimaginable pace and I like it 😁