My Draconequus hybrid character

Ember X Discord.png

I dont have a name for the character just yet. I did all of on Paint.

  • First, I sketched out what I wanted him took look like.
  • Then, I used the Curve line.
  • Next, I got rid of sketch.
  • Finally, I colored it using the Paint Bucket.

The parents of this child are Ember(my original character) and Discord (From Hasbro mlp).

See this picture on my DeviantArt account.

Block Logo 800.png (My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro, but my art is my own.)

Discord Link

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  • @iamraincrystal

    Lovely work of art! 😉👍

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  • @oizaguirres

    Eres maravilloso, como me gustaria poder hacer esos trabajos! Te felicito

  • @thekittygirl

    This is so cute! Great job! 😁

  • @jamerussell

    Wow, that's really beautiful!!! You should hit the Pokemon crew up, they would probably put you to work!!! Hehehe!!!

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  • @birchmark

    I unfortunately didn't see this at the time it was made, but your art looks cool.