I waited for a delivery from USPS for a package that a sweet little birdie told me was coming my way! Friday, that package was delivered.

Normally, we let mail and packages sit for a bit to ‘decontaminate’ but I didn’t want to wait to open this one. So, I got out my hand sanitizer and literally rubbed it all over the outside of the bubbled envelope. Then I let it sit for just a bit……..


After our usual evening hike, I got out the scissors, and sat down to begin opening it.


I very slowly cut the end off of the envelope and peeked inside.


I saw some little gold foil packages, and upon removal and closer inspection, I found some Hawaiian candy! I love chocolate, and bonus, they had caramel and macadamia nuts, too! And, there was this mysterious pink packaged with a pretty foil sticker taping the edges of the tissue paper together.


Upon opening the paper, I found a white box, like a jeweler’s box, a card with a sweet note, and a business card. Of course, I already knew who this was from. My sweet sister @silversaver888 was the sender of this treasure booty!


I slowly cut the tape from the little box and opened it. Inside was this:


I found a stunning silver coin in the plastic sealed wrap from the retailer. I sliced the plastic wrap at the end and took out …………



@silversaver888 had sent me ………

Specifications: Face Value: 5 Mark Year: 2019 Metal: 999.9 AG Diameter: 38.61 MM Metal Content: 1 Oz. Grade: BU

This is limited to 25,000 pieces. Though marked as a 5 Mark coin, it is not legal tender, but beautiful nonetheless! The obverse depicts Columbia and Germania holding hands and carrying their respective flags representing that Germaina will meet with legendary national personifications in symbolic situations. The reverse shows a crowned shield within a wreath of oak leaves. The words 'Germania 2019' at the top and '5 Mark' at the bottom. Very nicely done!



Then, I realized there was a card in the envelope that had the note on it, so I opened that up.


Upon opening up the card, it stated that a tree had been planted in my honor by the Arbor Day Foundation, as gift to me from @silversaver888!



Needless to say, I’ve been blown away by this whole thing! I have an adopted sister who is a wonderful and caring person! I look forward each day to the communications we share and have been very blessed to get to know her!

I will treasure the gifts that she has given me and treasure the friendship we have.

That is what I love about this community! I’ve met so many friendly and caring people from all over the world, that without the platform, I would have missed!

Take care my friends and know that others care about you!

And, thank you @silversaver888, for the lovely gifts and for your friendship and love. Take care my sweet sister!



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