Good ol' Infowars says Tesla = Bad!

I've never really understood why conservative outlets feel the need to go after Tesla, or really anything that is attempting to introduce green energy stuff into society, but despite the obvious benefits of a near zero emission vehicle, news organizations like Infowars never miss an opportunity to point out anything that could possibly be conceived as bad about the car company.


Don't get wrong, i'm no fan of the equally insane other side of the environmental argument and those guys are just as guilty with their wild accusations and conspiracy theories over the years as well. I don't take sides (kinda what journalists are supposed to do) I just identify dumb news when I see it.

So the big news story was that there was a line to use the Tesla charging stations a "half-mile long with wait times from 30 minutes to an hour." This happened on Black Friday.

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For the uninitiated, Black Friday is the biggest, most insane shopping day of the year in America, where presumably normal human-beings turn into ravenous blood-thirsty animals ready to kill over a discounted X-box game. There is an insane amount of people on the roads during this nightmarish, awful day of holiday cheer that lord only knows why people participate in it.

Therefore, is it not at least somewhat expected that there will be longer lines for almost anything, including Tesla Superchargers?

Another interesting point of this stupid, stupid smear piece is that most of these people waiting for 30 minutes arebasically getting a full tank of gas FOR FREE.

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Forgive me for not crying a river for the few people that took to Twitter to complain about something they were getting for zero dollars. For the most part, no one really complained because believe it or not, i think that most people are sane individuals capable of reason and logic and they concluded "well, it is the busiest shopping day of the year so we are going to have to wait a bit for our free "fuel."

What's the next big story for Main Stream Media? Studies show that traffic waits are longer during rush hour? Maybe about how it tends to be colder in winter? Who is this Tesla story for? People that are upset about electric cars?

While I can understand why Infowars would make the argument that electric cars that are powered by coal-fired electricity plants are in-fact, not better for the environment than old-fashioned gasoline, this attempt to smear Tesla as a bad company because a few people had to wait a little while on the most insane shopping day of the year is just dumb, lazy, and extremely biased reporting with an objective rooted in idiocy.

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  • @bil.prag

    well they have to publish something. so why not something stupid, it is easy.

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  • @gooddream

    I have liked some of the stuff that IW put out with Joseph Paul Watson. I'm not sure if he still works for them. But even he (perhaps not surprisingly) would overly generalize about an entire group of people just because someone like Alyssa Milano makes a tweet. I suppose it is kind of the world we live in today.

    Just get the stories out the door for clickbait and don't really concern yourself about if there is actually any meaning or truth behind it at all.

  • @darth-azrael

    Tesla's are awesome cars. I do get a little ticked off when people start basically arguing that everyone should buy one or you hate the environment though because... 1) Teslas are not exactly affordable for a great many people. 2) While battery technology is improving at a rapid rate, it still isn't going to be nearly as convenient as a gas powered car for many people (people who drive long distances mostly). 3) Teslas are not great for people who have larger families and/or need a decent amount of cargo space. I suspect all of these things will change in the relatively near future though.

    My only real criticism of Tesla has to do with all the subsidies they get from the government, a.k.a. my tax dollars.

    Personally, I need a relatively large vehicle to carry the family around in and prefer the convenience of a gas powered vehicle on long road trips. I would love to have an electric car as a secondary vehicle for when I don't have to carry around the family and am not going on long road trips but having two vehicles is cost prohibitive and electric cars tend to be more expensive anyway. I realize that they may save you money in the long run but you still have to come up with that up front cost. So, if anyone wants to gift me a Tesla, I'm certainly open to the offer :).