Shareable links for leases now available

Did you see a lease that you couldn't fill, but you knew someone who would be interested?

Do you want to lease STEEM POWER from someone, and want to draw people's attention to your lease specifically, but it's buried in the marketplace?

To make sharing leases easier we've now introduced a shareable link to every lease.

Once you click on a lease on the DLease marketplace, you will be redirected to a page that displays an overview with all the relevant info for the lease.

In addition to that, you will also find a "Link to Share" box, from where you can copy the link that will lead to your lease bid in the market.

Whoever clicks on your link will land on the same page you see above, with the option to immediately delegate the requested amount to you.

From here on, it works like any other DLease delegation, where you log in via Steemconnect or Steem Keychain, delegate the STEEM POWER, and receive daily payouts until the lease time is over.

Do you have any more questions? Do you struggle with something? Do you have requests for features that you think DLease needs?

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  • @crystalhuman

    Sweet! I've been looking at your site here and there wondering if I should try to lease some SP. I just might go for it now :)

  • @mike50

    And i just knew about DLease just now, been busy for a while i wasn’t active past few months. Guess i will have a look and lease some from DLease. 😋

    Posted using Partiko iOS

  • @deep4

    Nice artical

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @crypto.piotr

    Dear @dlease

    I was just wondering. If I would offer 19-20% APR and I would use it wisely to curate content, then is it actually possible to earn enough from curation rewards to cover cost of those delegations?

    I'm wondering what reasons people have once they are trying to lease SP from others. Surely it cannot be in any way related to financial profits.

    Perhaps you could share your experience with me?

    Yours Piotr