DLease Bug solved

A while ago, we asked for help with a DLease bug.

The problem was, that DLease didn't report the correct available STEEM POWER available for delegation when the user is powering down.

As the STEEM POWER available for delegation is an important value for DLease, this caused some problems in the user experience.

We want to thank everyone who tried to help solve this issue, even input that didn't lead to the solution was greatly appreciated!

Eventually, the bounty went to @forykw, who helped to extensively test, theorise and troubleshoot, which resulted in @raycoms finding and fixing the problem.

Your DLease dashboard should now display all your stats correctly!

Are you making the most out of your staked STEEM?

Even with over 4000 active leases, which is a milestone we reached recently, there are still plenty more available. Or maybe you want to lease some STEEM POWER?

The feedback by other users is so fat overwhelmingly positive!

So don't miss out, start leasing in or out today!

And stay tuned for future updates.

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  • @ketcom

    This is great to hear. Good work.

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @forykw

    I feels so great to help... please take this as a "pump your ride" thing!

    I felt like learning so much that literally felt like the bounty was in fact the experience and uptake of this effort. Would totally do it again if I find it's something I can help with. No matter the bounty!

    So, if you think you can help with something you know about, please put that effort out and do try to help as much as you can, when you can. That's my take for this experience.

    It doesn't help just bounty and bug hunters... it help the entire community!

  • @healthiswealth

    FABULUS.pngjob BuildTeam!

  • @sonnyc12318


  • @josephsavage

    Great news! Now that the bug is fixed, do you think you could add an APR column to the Lease (In) view?


    Preferably it would calculate based on lessee's actual cost, not based on return received by lessor. This would be very helpful to people managing a lot of lease renewals so I could more easily prioritize which to renew and which to let expire.

  • @cmplxty

    Awesome, two of my friends @chekohler and @crypto.piotr getting some publicity!

    I started using DLease as well and thoroughly enjoy it! (Although my earnings have been spent largely on Splinterlands lol, at least still in the chain!) Thanks for the service, very well done and easy to use.

    One feature I would suggest is to somehow allow a delegation removal when the contract ends. It can get tricky, I’m sure but it would be nice. I ended my delegation to the customer after 16 hours, not too bad but 16 more hours of cool down until I can find another lease!

  • @ausbitbank

    Still some bugs in there :P Apparently this guy leased 13 billion SP

  • @ash

    sorry guys, it shows the wrong IDLE SP for my account... doesn't seem to be fixed

  • @ash

    by the way, please change the link on dlease to your actual used blog... had to search for a bit :)


  • @pennsif

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