Moving to hive

Fuck you Justin, we're moving to Hive.

Fuck Justin Sun

Steemie currently dosen't allow you to make comments. If you want to write something, write it using another frontend (like Steemit)
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  • @pixresteemer

    Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!

  • @pixelfan

    I think you deserve some $trdo

  • @catscientist

    Thank you for supporting @CatsMakeKittens by being a part of our community @derangedvisions.

    Each CATS you purchase gets you daily upvotes from me @CatScientist as our community grows so do your rewards for being a member!

  • @pouchon

    First thank you for thinking of us. Glad to have you on board. Please take good care of her.

  • @pouchon

    First thank you for thinking of us. Glad to have you on board. Please take good care of her.

  • @pouchon

    First thank you for thinking of us. Glad to have you on board. Please take good care of her.

  • @flores39

    Hello @derangedvisions. Thanks for the input.

    Maybe you can help me clarify a question I have. This afternoon I made a post and tried to publish it from the platform; I made sure I was logged in and selected the ocd community, I was using the Chrome browser; when I pressed the publish button it stayed loading and never stopped, about 30 seconds later it was reflected in the steemit platform, but it didn't appear in hive. I reloaded the page after 10 minutes and it didn't show up on hive either. Did you use another browser to publish your post or am I doing something wrong?

    Another doubt is that I have this publication in steemit with a value of $8.81 and the same is reflected in the hive platform with $13.05. In this case, when it is payout time I get paid on both platforms with the same post or what will happen?

    I edited the message because I realized that the same thing happened to me when I tried to publish from hive; the message was never published by hive, it was published automatically by steemit... That's what happened to me with the posting. I couldn't post by hive, even though I had logged in and selected the ocd community to which I am subscribed.

    Thanks for your time and reason.

    Sin título.png

  • @improv

    So, I posted using, but the post doesn't show up on hive. It shows up on steem... so what's going on?

  • @karenmckersie

    I was happy to join Hive today but I can't post or do anthing, first my wallet said Host Error now it's saying access denied!? So I can't comment or anything.

  • @rootdraws

    Hey @derangedvisions I'd like to see my Hive Wallet - Can you or someone else help me understand how to do that. When I've tried today it has just been a broken link, or access denied, etc.

  • @khimgoh

    Hey @derangedvisions! This is awesome! Thanks for making the effort with the banners! Superb!

    Oh no! Faith possibly has it? Did you get tested!??? Please take care and please send my regards to her! Hugs!