The c0ff33a/deranged Witness has been up and running on Hive

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@c0ff33a and I have had our Hive witness up and running since before the launch of the Hive Blockchain to help ensure a successful launch. With everything that has been going on over on the Steem Blockchain, we felt that it was necessary to continue our block production efforts on Hive.

So what is a witness?


A witness runs a node that "witnesses" or validates the blocks for the blockchain. These blocks contain all of the transaction history, like votes, comments, deposits, withdrawals.

Along with that, the top 20 witnesses, decide on the direction and changes that the chain will go. With all of the recent events of the Steem Blockchain being taken over by Justin Sun, our consensus witnesses, showed their importance as they took actions to preserve what has been built over the past 4 years.

As you can see, witnesses play a very important role in the blockchain. @c0ff33a and I are dedicated to the Hive Blockchain and will continue to do what we can for the community here. We are in the process of moving our community efforts that we supported on the Steem Blockchain over to the Hive Blockchain.

To vote for Hive Witnesses, you can go to and select up to 30 witnesses to vote for. Our @c0ff33a witness is around number 54 currently. All votes for our witness are greatly appreciated, but more importantly, it is just important to vote for witnesses that align with what is important to you and for the future of the blockchain.

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