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  • @abdulmanan

    You should start caring for yourself more. and never ever drink alcohol again. I wish you the best of luck.

  • @anthonyadavisii

    I've been feeling like my health has been in decline and I used to be a freak when it came to fitness in the Corps.

    Been putting off my lab work since the Coronavirus but know I shouldn't sit on that shit for too long.

    My biggest issue is degenerative disc and my connective tissue affecting genetic disorder. Feel like things are starting to fall apart at a rapid rate.

    Hopefully, I can stop smoking, eat right and turn things around. Your story is a good testimony as to why it's not a bad idea to get a second opinion.

    Thanks for the remind!

  • @nancybriti

    It's a very daunting prospect, @derangedvisions. I had a father who died of liver failure. Both his kidneys collapsed and he died. He lived through 12 years of illness. At the end of his days he said that if he had known he was going to die anyway, he would have liked to keep doing everything that gave him pleasure and joy in life. Take care of yourself and surround yourself with love. Greetings

  • @wakeupkitty

    I wish you strength and good luck. There was a period in my life I took 12 or more a day and smelled like a pharmacy. At a certain point I quit with all of them and took homeopatic for my main problem (the rest were side effects). Later I needed prednisone and at this moment I do without. Take the time for it and keep in mind one med is better as a box full with all side effects. 💕

  • @builderofcastles

    Yes, your doctors are trying to kill you.

    Quite literally and figuratively.

    It is all the rage now to prescribe something when a "patient" shows up on their table. It is more important to treat the "patient" forever than to ever offer a cure.

    And further, they do not know what they are talking about.

    Your kidneys are made up mostly of fat. Whatever fats you eat. Bad fats make a kidney that doesn't function. Good fats make a functioning kidney.

    Margarine should be a banned substance. Most of the "cooking oils" should be pulled from the shelves.

  • @glenalbrethsen

    Hey, @derangedvisions.

    I hope you get all you want from this new path with fewer drugs and more of a a natural take.

    I have not had any personal experience as you have with such medicines, but I have the example of my mother and a man I know who both were being given different things that in combination probably overdosed them with certain elements. The man the last I saw him was doing much better after insisting he be taken off most of his. My mother ended up passing away (she was 80 and there were other physical ailments, so not quite the same). She was not herself when she died, and I wonder how much of that could be contributed to the meds she was on.

  • @elizibar

    Like I said over in the other place, I don't know you or your situation, but I hope you get well.

  • @carolynstahl

    My father in law went through the same thing only now he waits for his second kidney. The more meds he got at the beginning the more his kidney started to fail. I wish you all the best and I think what you are doing it a good idea.

  • @drutter

    Cannabis is gentle (and healing) on the kidneys, and treats PTSD and many other conditions you're talking about here. I hope you seriously consider it. If you need help with information (from anecdotal stories to scientific studies) please let me know. It is even being used to treat alcoholism and the effects of long-term alcohol use, and it is a known neuroprotectant. CBD is great, but a full-spectrum oil (either vaporized or taken with food) would probably be best. Various strains offer various different properties because they contain a different cannabinoid profile. Until prohibition 100 years ago, cannabis was used all through medicine, and was widely known to be safe and effective. We made it illegal for some pretty dastardly reasons. The current wave of legalization is fake, just a government-backed corporate monopoly, with expensive low-quality cannabis. Kinda like they ruined the tobacco industry and made that plant extremely unhealthy and expensive. If you can source it outside the legal regime that would be best, but any amount, from any source, in any form, would probably do your body and mind wonders.

  • @ultravioletmag

    have you looked up some natural remedies for function? I think it might be baking soda but don't quote me on that.

  • @lifeworship

    Never give up, never quit, you can make it through. In 2012 I was given three months to live after learning I had lymphoma and prostate cancer. I declined chemo against my doctors advice. I didn't like the odds. It occurred to me to look for help in the patent record online (in order to receive a patent, PROOF of concept is required). One month later I found what I was looking for, six weeks after that I was cancer free and have remained so since with a few lingering effects.

    I don't know much about organ failure and drug detox but there is so much information out there, if you can narrow down the search, you can probably find something to help yourself.

    Diet and safe detox is key.

    Trusting doctors has killed most of my family. Be very careful who you trust with your life.

    Thank you for your honesty in this post. You never know who may be helped with the truth.

  • @daveks

    Definitely a good idea to wean yourself off all those medications, natural is the way to go. Not trying to be religious or anything, but I like to meditate/read the gospels, lots of nuggets in there.

  • @yogajill

    I understand! You are struggling with declining health. It's incredible how our most vulnerable have to be the most vigilant. It's so admirable you've chosen the path to healing. I wish you as safe and pleasant a detox is possible from the meds harming your precious body. No kidding. We are here for one another ❤🙏☀️🐝

  • @curatorcat

    I wish you success in weaning yourself off your meds... sadly, western medicine seems intent on treating patients rather than healing them, and the result is sadly often that the remedy causes more problems than the original issue. And when you're on multiple medications? So often the side effects become a very toxic cocktail...


  • @davidke20

    Drink more of clean water, reduce meat protein. Generally, plant base protein is better and reduce stress to the kidney. I've been carefully avoid the medical stuff and maintain my own "better don't go check up" lifestyle for some years now. I observe my pee very often, especially first draught in the morning, the amount of bubble gives an idea of how bad my kidney function are. If I can get rid of all the bubbles by one flush, I'm still alright. But if one flush doesn't flush the bubbles away, I will have to control diet and drink a lot more water during the day. I don't eat or drink after 9pm, and try to go to sleep by 11pm. Can't tell you why I do that or what condition I am in, stop or slow down deterioration is the only way to go. Kidney has no revival function, don't try anything funny or it will speed up the damage. Liver can grow, but beware of what you put in your mouth. I'm not a nutritionist, can't tell you what you can or can't eat. You will have to do your own research on that. I totally gave up drinking since 2018. Occasionally attending ceremony I will take some for the sake of respect, but that strictly limited to less than one full glass.

  • @mdrhsumon

    Good Luck,Man! Be strong & self-esteemed.Never loose hope rather be more stronger than ever before.No one is perfect in the world.Everyone having some issues too.

  • @papa-pepper

    Wow, thanks for laying yourself out like that, in the open for everyone to see. Interesting that they'd "blame" you and alcohol for the situation..... while all the while it was them and their pills. Not really surprised, are we?

    Anyway, glad to hear about the weaning, and the natural route. Stay safe, and be blessed!

  • @praditya

    Hi, I wish you good luck for going natural, Leaving meds are hard. I would like to suggest a little ... Doing Yoga daily early in the morning will be effective to your mental and physical health. Take care. Keep flourishing.

  • @flemingfarm

    I stopped going to the VA because all they did was throw meds at me without EVER trying to fix the cause. Good for you finally saying no. The worst is the weaning off the psych meds as they mandate a long and slow reduction. Hopefully you an get your organs back on the mend!

    A simple example of the failings of the VA. My back was going out constantly and I was in massive pain so instead of chiro or phys therapy or something that might have identified my problem they threw morphine at me. A naturopath was the one to tell me, "get a lift for my shorter leg", which completely fixed my back problem.

    I want to know how many kickbacks the VA gets from the Pharma industry!!!

  • @jayna

    Oh my gosh, what a story you have, @derangedvisions. I truly hope you can make positive changes and get onto better physical health without compromising mental health! It would be terrible to have to choose between the two. Look into natural medicine as well. There's so much great stuff today - from naturopathic medicine to acupuncture, etc.