My Review Of The Update Of Esteemapp v2.2.3


Hello steemians and Esteemapp users! Gone are the days that we had no points to promote or boost our post. Today, I'll be sharing with you my review of the new version of Esteemapp app but first, I'll like to know if you're an Esteemapp user. If not, just hit your app store to get it. It's there for all users. Go to @esteem to read more about the app for Android, iOS and desktop. During the second half of January, a new version was released which is believed to have more performance and features than the former version. I'll be talking about the new things I've seen and what is needed in the new version.

Before the version was lunched, I personally requested for a referral program where new users will not only gain but their referee will gain as well. This to an extent was added but am yet to get my referral link. That's by the way. I wish to see watch ads to earn feature in the app.

Now let's look at some improvements in the app.


Feeds The down options is looking very mature and I like it because it contains many things on their lists. The upper part now has the options were you can choose to read your feed and as well, select if to read the Top, Hot or New posts of the people you follow. This is very nice of them. The previous version doesn't have this feature but the older version had it but was poorly packaged. This is cool for I want to be seeing not only hot or top posts on the app but new posts too.

1utzwx.jpg For reply, you either follow the normal three dots or you touch the message icon.


Notification The second option on the bottom part of the screen is the notification which has greatly been improved. The developers really worked on this option whereby, you now have different sections for different tasks. We now have features for All, Mention, Reblog and Replies which is heavily accompanied by Esteemapp Leaderboard where you check your rewarded activities. Is that not great? Yes for sure.

Story The story option did not changed from what it used to be so am not gonna look deep into it.


Wallets This is another place where the developers added some features. Firstly, I'll like you to take a closer look on the image above, you'll notice the distribution of points for your normal activities on steemit. They are well rewarded when you use esteemapp to do so. Below are the new features which is listed one after the other.

  • There are smaller tabs for different tokens.
  • Your unclaimed tokens are no longer seen by all steemians.
  • You have an option to either buy ESTM points or spin to get some for free.


ESTM points You can locate this place through the Get Points tab. Here, you either spin for free (once a day) or buy the points with real cash. These points are used to promote or boost your post. You can gift your lovely esteemian with these points if you like.


Your Profile You profile just change a little. You can edit it easily via the pencil above the replies option. Your wallets option have been moved to ESTM points location. That's all. Other than that, your profile is still normal and healthy.

Okay pees, the above is what I have seen on the latest version of the Esteemapp. Thanks to the developers which is headed by @good-karma. Thanks to the following users for making the app a place to be. @Esteemapp @general.guy @feruz @good-karma @mysteem @demo @victoria-bella

Some great steemians and Esteemapp users that have motivated and inspired me with lots of goodies. @xpilar @janton @ninahaskin @melinda010100 @hngin @trincowski @rokhani @chekohler @qwerrie @felixgarciap @libertycrypto27 @papilloncharity and you my reader and voter. Thanks for your time and support.

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