The situation with DCooperation !


I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation.

It sounds funny : ''The situation with DCooperation.'' lol

I've been building this account with our members for more than 1 year and 11 months. Almost two years.

I worked hard on this to make it a big project, but it seems that I failed.

Now most of our delegators in steem undelegate from us even being upvoted for so long. But, I can't blame them, they mostly moved to hive. In hive now we have a bit more power than we do in steem. Even our posts are doing there much better.

So, I'm thinking now of this and you can tell me your opinion. I want to power down steem to power up in hive. That way I will work only on one account but not two. I will not have to cross posts. I will save my personal time.

Also, if our power will grow faster in hive, more and more people will join us. Maybe more will participate in our collaborations and finally people start to create in our community.

As you see now, mostly me is created and a couple other people.

What do you think ?


You can subscribe to our community here :

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All the earning as usual is going to power up the account !

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    I am only here to power down and saw this post. Once I power down, I will only be on Hive. I haven't delegated to your account, just never thought of it, but my opinion has no weight, since I have not delegated.

    As far as I can tell, everyone is leaving.

  • @xpilar

    Hi @clixmoney

    The choice is yours and I understand that you are frustrated when others move. I know you work full time to post and to make money here. I understand that you will look for greater profits, but it is not always that the grass is greener on the other side even though it looks greener now. I also know how good you are at marketing Steemblockchain.

    There is a lot going on at Steem as you know, and I also understand that you were hoping for a vote delegation for your community. This was the first month to apply and there will be more opportunities for it again.

    As it is now, many people post the same post on both platforms to make extra money. And I can understand that there are many in the world who do not have a job and the money comes well. But I still think it is worth fighting for Steem who gave us a unique opportunity and that opportunity is still there. As you know, witnesses that we trusted have gone behind our backs and made decisions. And the same people now control the new platform, we also can't call it decentralized.

    I hope you will give Steem another chance because you are good at what you do. I would also appreciate watching your videos in my community and maybe you could do some interviewing again and post them there. Think about it and I would then give you advance advertising that @clixmoney now posts in "World of Xpilar" It may be a future collaboration. What do you think?