Random VS Precise !


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I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation !

I would like to write from the account of the community posts to power up the account and support as much steemians as I can. You can also write for our community by sending me the content in our discord server. I'll give autupvote for that.

So, in this post I would like to discuss what's better for a community in steem. To let members create random content or precise one.

I see some communities accepting precise content. I mean specialized in a type of content they like to see created in the community. When I talk about communities, I talk about tribes and applications as well.

But, other communities are general and they accept any type of content. Like @neoxian-city for example, where I'm posting now.

The same about our community @dcooperation. Now we accept any type of original content in our community while a few months I announced that we will accept only content related to promoting steem. I changed that because I wanted to open the community for more people to join since our members are not that active.

So, what do you think. What's the best direction to take in building a community in steem ?

Thinking about that the content is rewarded only during the 7 day and then almost evryone forget about it. Maybe random community that accept any type of content will be better. But, if we have a token for example created I think maybe we have to choose a niche to grow in and to invite.

It's really hard to answer that question. I see for example @ntopaz today closing their service despite being a precise community. I'm also thinking how to make @dcooperation never stopping what I started. I'm doing this really only for the steem community and I don't have any profit from this right now. I just want to support dedicated steemians this way.

I hope I'll choose the best path to the community to grow.

Tell me what do you think ?

I need your feedback !


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  • @dexpartacus

    Imho is better to allow any kind of contents, as you say will be open for mor people!✌️

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