How to power up all your rewards !


I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation !

In this post I want to show how to set all the rewards to power up the account. Maybe it looks easy to do. But, I was really always forgeting to set that to 100%.

So, I changed that in steemit blog settings as you see in the picture.

It seems that it should be changed in beta.steemit as well.

I also think that if we set that 100%, it should be also changed when we write a post.

I maybe have to reach to the team in github, so they may change that.

I still need to change it myself when I post.

I had a post opened with the old settings. So, I cleared the post and opened an other one and it seems working. Now it's set automatically. But, I think we should set that in both steemit and beta.steemit. I don't know about other applications, but this is how it works in steemit.

I would like also to post in the Education hive community for the first time. I will support as well such posts.

I remember when I was active the first year when I joined steem in steemit, I was using the tag a lot. I mean #steemiteducation.

I was creating a lot of posts related to how to use steemit and then applications, explaining how everything work.

You can check this one for example : The best steemit tips for my dear followers and all steemit users !

Maybe I didn't use the tag there, but I just wanted to share what kind of posts I was writing.

I don't see any rules in the community. I will be glad if you tell me the rules @steemiteducation.

I would like to post in this community sometimes !


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