Adding the top Steem promoters in twitter to our list !


I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation !

As I wrote in the previous post : DCooperation will support Steem promoters !.

So, I will write posts from now sharing the names of steemians who are promoting steem in the web.

Let's start by twitter : @stephenkendal , @mistakili , @mindtrap , @cadawg , @horpey , @dalz , @dfacademy , @flaxz , @clicktrackprofit , @innerblocks

Those are the top steemians who are promoting steem in twitter. You can find that all here :

I didn't choose all of them, but only those with the the average of less than $10 earned from their posts. Those who are having more, I think don't need support that much.

They all will be autoupvoted by @dcooperation forever !

Of course I'm setting only 1% because we need to upvote as much dedicated steemians as we can, and we will find them in all social media to support !

The first 8 I mentioned are steemians and the last 2 are projects and communities in steem. @clicktrackprofit created by @jongolson and @innerblocks created by @freedompoint.

I think they are in the top for a reason. They are for sure the most active steemians promoting steem in twitter !

Thanks a lot guys !

Let me know please if there are more steemians who need some support. I'm ready to add all dedicated steemians to our list. We are now autoupvoting over 130 steemians. Help us support more of them.


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