A community inside a community !



I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation !

How awesome is to see communities collaborating.

Recently in twitter I've seen @fitinfun shared a post about @freewritehouse and I decided to create a post in the community itself.

I don't know all the details about the community, but it seems from the title a community of writers and I like to write sometimes even if I create mostly videos on steem.

I always thought about creating a link between communities in steem and I created ''Our Steem Show'' where I was promoting communities and inviting their members to participate in the show. The show is not working now because I'm too busy with my life and I think we still have similar shows in ''The Ramble'' by @shadowspub and @innerblocks by @freedompoint.

I wish to have time to participate in those shows, but unfortunately I can't. My son now is more than two years old and we stay with him turn by turn with my wife because he became more demanding. I also have a problem with sleeping now and I want to fix that for the best. Sometimes I don't sleep all the night.

So, this is the first post I'm writing in @freewritehouse to promote the community in ours and in twitter as well. In twitter by the way, I'm doing really well and my tweets about steem are in the top. That's why I will promote steem communities this way.

So, from now @dcooperation will be a place where all dapps, all tribes and all communities will be promoted.

I will also find the most active members of those communities and autoupvote them by @dcooperation to support. We are autoupvoting now over 130 steemians and we want to support even more. I wish that number will hit 1000 or more. I'm sure we have more than that number of dedicated steemians and that's really awesome. That's why I think steem is not going anywhere. We have powerful communities built on it !


Join our community here : https://discord.gg/DG9q8C6

Feel free to follow our curation trail and to delegate to us some power to support. You can also donate any amount of steem, we will use it to power up the account.

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For more details about how our community will work : check this post

Promore your content to over 16,000 members in our facebook group !

We are in touch with @helpie and you may get support from them as well. In case your post is related somehow with promoting steem, we ask to use #promo-steem tag and you may get un upvote from @theycallmedan or @oracle-d.

All the earning of this post will go to power up our account ! We will never power down !

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