How did esteem do it? It's amazing?!,esteem 是怎么做到的,太神奇了?!

How did esteem do it? It's amazing?! esteem 是怎么做到的,太神奇了?!

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Originally post through other steem platform, but always prompt posting permission problem with "RPCError: missing required posting authority:Missing Posting Authority dappcoder", but comment no problem. 本来通过其他steem平台发文,但总是提示posting权限问题"RPCError: missing required posting authority:Missing Posting Authority dappcoder",但留言没问题.

It's a strange phenomenon, so I tried to post on esteem. I found that there was a red dot in the esteem editor, and I deleted it easily. As a result, the post was successful 很奇怪的现象,所以就尝试到esteem上发文,发现esteem编辑器里有红色点,顺手就删除了.结果发文成功.

屏幕快照 2020-02-09 上午10.26.38.png

Later, I thought about why other platforms can't post. So I input the original text on esteem again and found that direct posting is the same error as prompt 后来想想,为何会出现别的平台不能发文?于是就把原文重新在esteem上输入,发现直接发文,也是提示一样的错误. 屏幕快照 2020-02-09 上午10.27.54.png

Then, the red dot is the key! 那么,那个红点,就是关键了!

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    Good find, do you know unicode of that red dot? We can make it even better by replacing red dot with accepted dot, but we need to know unicode or html code of that red dot 😊

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