What It Is Like To Undergo An Appendectomy?


Selfie In The Hospital

Weeks before my Appendix manifested itself by a severe pain I was having some discomfort short of a pain on the lower part of my abdomen. I have no clue or idea of what it was and I just thought that it was just normal since I am always suffering from pain all over my body.

Then it happened and I just thought at first that it was my stomach but the pain was lower than the stomach, it was in the intestine area, on the right side mainly. So I took some Buscopan which I thought would cure what I thought was just an intestine spasm. P_20200105_065431_p.jpg

The Very Bad Cursed Appendix

The severe pain happened on New year's eve and I waited two days after that but the pain didn't subside and I was forced to rush myself to the E.R. because the pain was so terrible and I could not endure it anymore.

I was avoiding going to the hospital actually because of the certain big expenses that it would incur to me but I have no choice because the pain is just torturing me and making me lose the ability to sleep and eat. So we went out and straight into the hospital.

At the hospital at first they said that I will have to go and get my abdomen are to be Ultrasosunded but the other attending physician said that a CT Scan would clearly see what my abdomen would look like with its thorough description especially with my Appendix. So even though that test is expensive I decided to go for it.

But prior to that the pain flared-up again and at that point they already had given me intravenous pain reliever and some antibiotics because I got tested also with my Complete blood count indicating that I have an infection too.

After the pain reliever was administered the pain gradually subsided and went away. Then it just calmed me down with my agony.

We went to the E.R. past 7:00 AM but I got CT scanned at around noontime and then I got admitted a few hours later so we went to one of the Hospital's room. Later the doctor's came and the surgeon read us about my Appendix which actually was an Appendicitis that has to be taken out.

The surgeon said that I am a special case because of my current condition so he has to get some clearance from the Nephrologist of that hospital and als from my Endocrinologist. I guess that the latter doctors are just forced to give me clearance lest I will die from my Appendix if it would not be taken out.


A Few Days After The Operation, The Wound Healed Well

All the while I am having a low blood pressure possibly because of the infection, so I told the Nephrologist that I might crash my blood pressure because he said that I will have to get some dialysis first before the surgery.

So I was given a Norepinephrine drip plus glucose drip as I was not allowed to eat as well. During my dialysis they didn't use Heparin to thin-out my blood during the session but used a flushing of saline solution technique so that my blood would not coagulate to the Dialyzer (the blood filter). After dialysis my BP recovered a few hours before my surgery.

But before my dialysis which was set at around 1:00 PM at first I was allowed again to eat and I ate because my BP is not good and really low. But the dialysis schedule got moved to 4:00 PM.

After dialysis I went back to my room and was given some sleeping pill after the nurse said that I will get my operation a few hours after. I thought that the sleeping pill won't work on me because I had taken that sleeping aid before but didn't work well on my insomnia many years ago.

I was worried that I will get operated on wide awake still but after a while I didn't even noticed that I had slept. I just woke up again after they had transferred me from my hospital bed and unto the stretcher.

I remember being rolled into the operating room and then I heard the doctor or Anesthesiologist said "Let's make you now to sleep", he made some kind of adjustment to the I.V drip then light's out after that, I didn't even felt some kind of sleepiness.

Then after the operation I woke up again and got rolled unto the recovery room. I felt that my waist down was numb, I even pinched my legs if I could feel anything but I didn't. Then I slept again. I woke up again when they returned me back to my room.

The appendix pain was gone after the operation but the wound still hurts a bit. I was still weak because of the infection which was being treated by antibiotics. Then I recovered fast, my weakness had improved and the added dose of parathyroid medicine also had given a good effect on my other bone and joint pain issues as well.

Well as for my Appendectomy surgery I can attest that surgery isn't to be scared from because Anesthesiologists and doctors knows what they are doing considering in my special case it went well without a fuss. To God be the Glory.

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    I know things can really hurt. I just had a tiny boil and it hurt to even mover around lol.