My Mother Would Get Operated On The Upper Side Of Her Right Eyelid This Week


My mother had been complaining about this inflammation of her right eyelid. So we thought that it was just an allergy and I told her to take some antihistamines and it will just disappear. She had tried several like Chlorphenamine, Citirizine, and I think even some Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) tablets and capsules but it wouldn't go away.

So my mother went to the EENT doctor to have it checked upon. It turns out that she had a little cyst on her upper rightside of her right eyelid and must be removed. It would definitely incur some expenses. It is just fortunate that her privilege card as a senior citizen plus my bother's government health insurance from which she is also a beneficiary would cut most of the cost or expense.

I told her to take some of my money that we would withdraw from my debit card and use it to pay for her expense. She refrained and told me that she has some money of her own, some money that was given to her by my siblings and I shouldn't worry about it.

The operation should have done yesterday but it was my dialysis so they had set it up for Friday because God-willing it will be my dialysis at Saturday morning or so. I am confident that the simple operation should go smoothly because the cyst is just a small one but really needed to be taken out because it causes some swelling.

I will just tell my mother to continue in taking some vitamin C to hasten the healing of her operation site just like what happened to my Appendix operation area where after a few days only it is all well healed already.

I hope that my mother would not get seriously sick as well as my father. I am just glad that they are very healthy with what they eat, mostly fish cooked with vinegar and vegetable soup plus they are taking vitamin C regularly which I am very sure that will impact their health in a positive way.

I needed my parent's support more than ever, now that I am just disabled and just is dependent to their presence in my life. I also pray to just die before them simply because it will surely be a hard thing for me to live without the care and support coming from my parents.

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