I Will Try To Self-Physical Therapy Myself If Much Of My Joint Pains Goes Away


These are my legs, not the muscles if there are any and not the skin, I am really emaciated but at least now I am much stronger than before. I just hope that my strength would come back soon and I need some short of a miracle to let myself walk again.

I might try it in the coming days or so if my pains would get shaved some more. I am optimistic that I might make my Parathyroid glands would get normalized and they have to because of the diet, medicines, and vitamin efforts that I am throwing at them just to make a difference in my bone and joint heath condition.

So I am happy with what is currently happening right now eventhough I have a terrible drug-caused appetiteloss which soon will be over as soon as I am able to achieve my priority goal of Parathyroidectomy which will free me from taking this dreadful medicine which is not only hard to take but also hard on the pockets as only one Pharmaceutical company makes it.

The order of the day is to stick to my plans and try to endure some more and rev-up my determination to achieve my goals because I know that in the end if I were to by the grace of God accomplish them would be like a bliss for me. Because I could imagine already what it would be like. No more pain and not much high expenses to worry about, it is just worth it, worth the risk and worth my life. I have nothing to lose but all to gain. May God bless the people here at steem that is helping me.

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