I just Got Back Home From My Dialysis And I Haven't Able To Finish It


It is quite a peeve that I wasn't able to finish my dialysis, I was thinking of the extra clean effect that was lost. The thing is that I am not feeling any sort of a sign that my blood pressure is very low, I even still getting heart palpitations as a side-effect of my Caffeine intake prior and during my session.

But the nurses terminated it right away despite my protest. That is why I do not like the afternoon schedule often because the nurse that take the BP reading is on the dot. But next time I know what I will do, I will just refrain from my BP reading to be taken thirty minutes before the supposed termination time so that I could complete my session.

It would be fine if I was feeling light-headed already but there was no sign of that so it just makes me a bit mad about it because I am always wanting to have the best and efficient clean possible and yet it is sometimes cut short even though I am not complaining about being dizzy or light-headed. My nurses are just basing their judgement purely on numbers.

But anyway I am still thankful that at least I had my needed blood-cleaning session and I was taken out with a relatively adequate amount of extra fluids in my body. I still just have to control my fluid intake so that I will not get so waterlogged that makes me breathless before my next session.

Now I know what to do next when my BP reads 90 systolic an hour before termination time. I will just refuse my BP to be read again half an hour before the scheduled finishing time of my session just to avoid these things to ever happen again especially if I am not feeling dizzy or light-headed so that I can finish my dialysis.

Maybe I should go back to my previous doses of Caffeine that I was taking because I only had taken 700 mg of Caffeine today in total. Maybe next time I would have to take 900 mg again, most of it is dialyzed or cleaned-out from my body anyway, it is just for me to be insured that I could be able to complete my session.

You live and you learn, and it is indeed a trial and error. Next time I will do what is the best for me accordingly. Nonetheless like what I have said i am thankful because I got my needed relief unlike in the past months where my condition is so much lamentable.

For a change I feel more better today before my Appendectomy and added dose of Cinacalcet, both of which I know that had impacted my well-being with regards to my alleviating most of my pain issues and I pray that my recovery continues until I can recover fully God-willing. I needed more prayers.

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