I Am Trading My Cryptos For XRP To Avoid Large Fees When Moving Values Unto My Online Wallet Service

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When I Needed money like what happened about my Appendectomy about ten days ago I would cashout steem. I would trade it to BTC and then buy XRP with BTC. At that point I will cashout XRP into my online BTC wallet service because it also has an XRP wallet where I can store and liquidate it to cash for my Debit cards.

Why do I trade BTC for XRP? It is because the fees for BTC is quite sizeable when you move it to one wallet into another especially if you are moving big amount while with smaller amounts it is really not adviseable because you can never get a good deal out of it.

But for XRP the fee is just 1 XRP per movement whether the amount is small or large you can save a lot when you trade your cryptos with XRP to avoid large fees. Fortunately my online wallet service added some more crypto wallet like Ethereum, BCH, and the XRP. XRP now helps me a whole lot in saving money when moving cryptos from exchanges and into my wallet and that really makes me so happy.

XRP BTW is a very good investment, it has a history of climbing at around 10K Satoshis in the past and in my opinion it may touch that value again in the future. It just needs a catalyst and that is none other than Bitcoin movement which is like a magnet for enlivening Alts from the ashes.

Anyway i just needed some money now and I just hope that XRP would at least get up to 5% at its current price because it will add money when I convert it to my local currency value. I also needed to pay my brother with the last balance that I owed him when paying for the downpayment of my Appendectomy.

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