I Am Hoping To Get Much Prayers Because Of My Improved Pain Issues Glory Be To God


I am quite happy with what is currently happening to my body particularly about my bone pain issues and I hope that it would continue so that I would get freed from misery brought about by joint pains and stiffness. I needed much relief and actually it is happening, so much so that I am able to sleep on my left side again, it also improved my sleep.

I just have to continue what I am doing which is taking my Cinacalcet regularly, it is the medicine equivalent of Parathyroidectomy but of course I do not want to take it every single day permanently, I just needed Parathyroidectomy so that I an live without appetiteloss because I needed to enjoy food and life and not only to survive.

Also I just have to continue in taking my Vitamin K2 which would stop my arteries and veins to stiffen and block (hopefully) the deposition of calcium to them. Together with Vitamin D3 to make my body absorb more Calcium I might see more good result since I never had taken these two vitamins before. I guess and hope that my bone improvement and rehabilitation would now continue if my PTH levels goes normal again.

My optimism is very high now that I will achieve a better well-being even before I could get my Parathyroidectomy and my hope to achieve what I wanted to happen to me is getting clearer although there is a bit of uncertainty that not all that I long for will never happen.

But prayers would do a lot of difference in my life especially now that I know that there are many people worldwide cares about me and I thank God about that. I will forever be indebted about my friends here at steem that is helping me, May God bless you all.

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