I Am Hoping That The Bone Overgrowth Inside My Mouth Gets To Diminish


I am still having a hard time eating because of the bone overgrowth inside my mouth. It is terrible because I could not possibly eat upright or while sitting especially if the food needs to be chewed very well. So I often end-up just laying down "Like a King" like my doctor said and eat my foods with some difficulty because normally we tend to eat upright and not like a lazy Royal highness in some Castle in the British isles.

But my whole face actually got some degree of change after I took my Parathyroid medicine which I am glad about it. It returned my ability to close my mouth even though it is still gaping wide when I relax it. But I got back the ability to sip liquids while sitting-up and that happened a few months after I got medicated with Cinacalcet.

Now my hope is that my face in general including the bone overgrowth inside my mouth to get smaller because at least I am getting a drug treatment about it to make that a possibility again although I can never get the same appearance that I had but what I wanted is to just have an easier way for me to basically chew my food again without much difficulty like what I am experiencing today.

I am already sick and tired of eating while laying down, it is indeed not fun at all. It is because when I sip hot beverages it hurts the inflamed part of my lower gums where the overgrowth was. The when I chew some hard foods I sometimes injure it and it is painful.

Keeping foods inside my mouth while chewing is also an issue so nothing that I could do but to lay down my body so that when I would chew the foods stays back on the back of my mouth so I could chew them with my Molar teeth.

But I am certain that my facial bone would gets smaller still because of the added dose of "Cinacalcet" that I am taking. But to what extent I have no clue of and the only thing I could do is just pray that some kind of miracle will get bestowed upon my uninteresting body by God again because all I wanted is just to enjoy food normally and my pains to get washed away permanently. I needed much prayers from my friends here at steem.

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